California Congresswoman Jackie Speier who sits on the House Intelligence Committee says the investigation of Donald Trump and his ties with Russia that begins on Monday, may surpass what most imagine. In her interview with MSNBC Sunday night, Speier says she expects to only get answers that are unclassified in nature.

But having said that, I can underscore for you that this is as big — if not bigger than Watergate”

And it’s going to be in incumbent to this committee that we have access to documents that Comey and others have within the FBI, to be able to do the kind of thorough investigation that is necessary. .… President Putin engaged in one of the most nefarious kinds of activity, medaling in the U.S. Election … I believe he knew full well the persons here in the United States that he could influence … In part, we need to follow the money. Watergate had very similar circumstances.

During the interview, a clip of Congresswoman Barbara Lee was shown. Lee spoke about Trump’s accusations against President Obama:

“President Trump needs to apologize to President Obama because in one of his tweets he said ‘bad guy’ and ‘sick guy.’ We have to remember that President Trump is the founder of the birther movement. He had done this over and over again — trying to delegitimize the first African American president and at some point, he needs to keep his views to himself. But minimally, he needs to apologize.”

When asked about her thoughts on the subject, Speier agrees that an apology needs to be made. She’s says Trump charged the president with a criminal act with no evidence to support it, adding Trump’s actions to distract the conversation away from the Russian ties are ”very much like the guy who is cheating on his wife and wrecks the car to deflect his actions.”

“The truth is that we have a serious collusion with the Russians … The Russians engaged in a serious effort to undermine our election and it’s incumbent on Democrats and Republicans to get to the bottom of it.”

The California lawmaker goes on to say she doesn’t expect FBI’s James Comey to directly answer all the questions she would like, but she intends to put a whole lot of hypothetical questions in front of him.

Here is the MNSBC video tweet via Jason Soboroff.


Grab the popcorn. Shitzabout to go down.

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