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Good news, folks! The House GOP learned absolutely nothing from the midterms. After likely losing a whopping 40 seats to Democrats this cycle, Republicans have assembled yet another major bill in the dark of night, shielded from the public eye.

That’s how they’ve done things for the past two years on all their major initiatives, from the deeply unpopular tax giveaway to the rich to their disastrous effort to strip health care from tens of millions of Americans. Now comes their next tax effort, released Monday night, a little over a month before Republicans will entirely lose any leverage in the House for running things exactly this way. Roll Call writes:

“It was sort of put together in the same way their huge tax bill was put together, in the dark of night,” [Democratic Sen. Chris] Van Hollen said, referring to the tax code overhaul  signed into law last December. […] “Democrats are not going to allow this bill to be used as sort of a vehicle” to repair problems with last year’s bill, he said.

Instead of passing a 200-page GOP do-over on taxes that no one saw before Monday night, Democrats plan to hold hearings next year to pinpoint the most troublesome aspects of the Republican tax law and strategize fixes, beginning with the major tax break for millionaires and billionaires.

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