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House Democrats are going to vote Thursday, the day they are sworn in to the majority, to end the partial government shutdown.

They have decided among the options under consideration to pass six appropriations bill already agreed upon in the bipartisan Senate through September 30 and the seventh, Homeland Security, through February 8. It’s a smart move by Nancy Pelosi and team, because it’s what the Senate has already agree to do. The bill that passed the Senate on December 19 punted until February 8, and had Individual 1’s grudging approval.

That was before the Freedom Caucus maniacs got hold of him and put him in the “tailspin” that resulted in the shutdown that has now seen 800,000 government employees, along with thousands of contractors, without 10 days of pay. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has totally checked out, refusing to engage despite the fact that it’s his Senate that’s coming back on January 3. For-now Speaker Paul Ryan has been even less involved, more concerned about fluffing up his pathetic tenure in leadership than leading. As usual.

Senate Democrats immediately issued a statement in support of the House plan, while the Senate Republicans immediately shot it down. Per a spokesperson: “It’s simple: The Senate is not going to send something to the President that he won’t sign.” And with that, McConnell’s Republicans take on their share of the blame for the shutdown.

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  1. Sign it Mitch. Let him veto. Grow a pair and over ride the veto. People are going to end up homeless over this & they don’t deserve to be pawns for an ego maniacal despotic dictator wannabe.

    • Absolutely right Fishoutta…But something more could happen. Dems pass the agreed upon bills, The Repugnants pass the same and send it to Individual 1. #1 vetos, just let it sit there for 10 dat (i think) and it automatically becomes law. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Gday as an Aussie that has followed DT since he started his run… i first thought this blokes a clown… now i view DT as the most dangerous man on the planet!. I can only hope this degenerate is removed from power now!!, not in two years. His stupidity will destroy the American people.


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