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Over the last few months, Washington, D.C.’s Hotel Harrington and its bar have become a new gathering spot for members of the fascist pro-Trump terror group “Proud Boys.” The groups come into town for pro-Trump protests; they stay to drink and provoke fights. The Washington Post reports that “several hundred” Proud Boys stayed at the hotel during the Dec. 12 pro-Trump protests; fights on that day led to multiple stabbings.

Now that Donald Trump himself is promoting anti-democracy protests on Jan. 6, when Congress meets to accept and count the votes cast by the winning slates of Electoral College electors, the Harrington is responding to the needs of their new, unwanted clientele by announcing that they’re going to close down, completely, on that day. On Jan. 4-6, the hotel plans to close down. In a Sunday statement, the hotel cites the “safety of our visitors, guests and employees” as reason for the shutdown.

HuffPost reports that this has led to fury among the Proud Boy and Proud Boy-adjacent critters who had booked rooms for those days to attend Trump’s newest would-be coup. Yes, how dare Washington, D.C. businesses not want to be hubs for drinking, burping, pro-fascist groups massing in the city for the explicit purpose of provoking mass violence. One star from me, good sirs.

As far as what Donald Trump and his most violent followers are actually planning on doing on Jan. 6, that remains to be seen. Trump, fully immersed in the delusion that his election loss was due to massive, unproven, and completely invisible “fraud” by voters, is no longer pretending to do his day job, and after being shut down by every court due to his “legal team’s” claims being provably false on their face, is now inviting supporters to flood Washington in an apparent attempt to simply intimidate Congress into nullifying the election. Trump is doing it from a place of literal delusion—the man has suffered a narcissistic breakdown and cannot distinguish between objective reality and his own promoted lies. His followers are doing it because establishing a white nationalist, pseudo-Christian state where our democracy used to be seems close enough to taste; whether it is based on hoaxes and propaganda is, in yet another of the defining features of fascism, irrelevant.

The Proud Boys do not intend to end their instigations of violence next week. Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is encouraging followers to obtain tickets to Biden’s inauguration, don pro-Biden clothes, then “revolt” from inside the venue. Other fascist groups are also calling for anti-Biden violence. Trump is pointedly not discouraging it and will likely escalate into himself calling for violence, explicitly, before he is removed from the White House. He is desperate, he has never given a damn about his oath, the country, or anything else, and his new pardons show that he is keenly aware that he has left a trail of crimes and corruption behind him that will outlast his presidential abilities to hide them.

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    • I’m surprised they won’t head over to the tRump hotel. They ARE “his people” aren’t they?
      Oh, wait, the $600 would only cover 1 afternoon romp at that place…
      Plus, would the tRump Org even ALLOW them in the hotel?
      Oh wait, if they have the dime, they can rent a few rooms.

  1. There’s got to be some empty jail cells they could stay in. It would be like home for the majority because they’ve probably been regular guests at the behest of the government at some time in their lives.

  2. Let Proud Boys stay at Harrington, make it easy for FBI to round them up, throw them in jail for treason. Do not acknowledge any Trump pardon as his presidency was illegitimate, he is guilty of sedition and treason, he doesn’t abide by any of our governments established norms or protocols.


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