More gasoline on the fire of Trump’s angst with Fox News.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is doing Russia’s job and Russia is loving it. They’re eating it up like it was borscht. Daily Beast:

In the years since 2016, America’s social media platforms, government agencies, and ordinary folks have gotten better at spotting and slowing down Russian trolls. So hooray America? Hardly.

Fighting foreign trolls is a necessary but insufficient condition for ensuring an election is free of mass disinformation and confusion. The problem is that President Trump is doing what the St. Petersburg office drones could have only dreamed of in 2016: using the world’s most powerful megaphone to sow chaos and confusion about the voting process and de-legitimize American democracy to audiences at home and abroad, spreading lies about voting by mail and inventing and telling followers to break the law and vote twice. […]

The 2020 vote is shaping up to be the most divisive, confusing, and contested election in decades, largely because of the president’s own conspiracy theorizing.

President Trump openly and without even the pretense of evidence has: falsely claimed that voting by mail will lead to massive fraud; admitted to trying to sabotage mail delivery in order to prevent supporters of his opponent from legally casting votes by mail; encouraged his followers to commit a felony and vote twice; lied about a fake plan by Nevada’s governor to “cheat on the ballots”; invented fake stories about Democratic governors sending “millions” of ballots to ineligible voters.

The steady stream of lies, intended to create the perception that any election result in which Trump loses is by definition illegitimate, has led left-wing political organizations, tech companies, and at least one state government to brace for the possibility of violence after a contested election result.

The one and only formula that we have to stop all this is to get such a decisive Biden victory up on the boards election night that Trump knows he won’t even get within cheating distance. Meanwhile, Trump plans to name a SCOTUS nominee Saturday and that battle will start raging, because that’s Trump’s ace in the hole — he thinks. He’s counting on a stacked court handing him a contested election. But that dream will vaporize if we get out the vote in sufficient numbers to where the “red mirage” doesn’t even have a chance to form.

This won’t be over until it’s over.


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