Horrific: Russian Running Fake “Veteran Websites” to Manipulate U.S. Servicemembers


It is not that we should be surprised that the Russians and Chinese are running fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to influence public opinion regarding Trump. No.

The most concerning aspect of a new study done by an actual veterans organization that tracked the content sent out to manipulate current servicemembers is the underlying rationale for manipulating this particular community, always in favor of Trump and Republicans. To what end would Russia be served if it were disseminating pro-Trump propaganda throughout our armed services? The conclusions ought to drain the blood from your face, because I can only think of one.

According to Rawstory:

A new report from the Vietnam Veterans Association has uncovered an ongoing two-year effort by actors in several foreign countries, including Russia, to target U.S. veterans and servicemembers.

The report shows that “These foreign admins have created individual social-media accounts that purport to belong to American veterans working at reputable veterans organizations,” and use the accounts both to “send friend requests to the relatively small community of veteran advocates and connect with its prominent members who work to shape federal policy” and “spread propaganda and false news, while shaping and moderating/censoring the conversations of the unsuspecting community of American veterans who follow or join these groups and pages.”

Of course, according to the people who did the study, the propaganda effort has worked, Russian propaganda, especially when aimed at the vulnerable, always works:

It goes on and on.

It would seem that the Russians have learned a few lessons from the last time they engaged in propaganda to win an election, most of these sites are based offshores.

But, again, we get back to the “why?” question. It is not like the armed services is a bastion of liberalism, nor are they somehow conspicuously located in contested states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. So, their actual “votes” are a near non-issue. So, what then?

We have heard all too many times that Trump has no plans to abdicated the White House should he lose an election, that he plants on contesting the election. Michael Cohen has said that Trump would not go “willingly” from the White House.

Whom would Trump need on his side, should he decide he is going to stay on, somehow? If Trump envisions a proto-fascist government, somewhat immune to actual elections, what does that implicitly require? A thoughtless, obedient, military made up of brainwashed serviceman. Can you think of any other plausible reason?

If you don’t want to be quite that sinister, what about this rationale. The Russians believe Trump will face serious trouble from here to the 2020 election, so much trouble that should Trump order massive military intervention, on behalf of Saudi Arabia, or even against Ukraine, what would Trump be banking upon?

I do not want to get too far out speculating because it is all wrong, all of it, and that is apparent from a mile away. The above two considerations apply even if it isn’t Russia’s actual intent, the plausible outcomes remain valid.

The world is closing in on Trump, and it would appear to me that foreign actors, particularly in Russia, are drumming up as much Republican support as they can possibly get. I believe it is important to ask oneself why? Why does Russia always back Republicans? (Lindsey, perhaps you can help?). Why are Democrats such a threat to Russia?

These are important questions to ask, particularly when a foreign nation is manipulating our troops, against other Americans, over the hostile nation. Democrats are worse than Russians, is the ultimate message, and that ought to horrify you.


Peace, y’all


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They should be executed as enemies. Is not attacking our troops without provocation considered an act of war?


If this is true then why isn’t Facebook closing these account down?


Because Zuckerberg and his team are also an enemy.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

..Trump’s in political trouble,an needs a lot of help from Russia to win the next election.
..He’s made more enemies than they ever could have imagined. And the Republican Party are
“in shock “at his behavior.
..They now have meetings to fashion” defensive answers “,to his outrageous behavior and actions. Crafting lies to cover his insanity!
..As some have said “ it’s like walking behind elephants in a parade, with a shovel that’s not big enough to handle the
“crap “ laid down by Trump“ .