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The Trump supporter, known as the “QAnon shaman” after being photographed during the US Capitol riots, was reportedly a “failed actor” and conspiracy theorist whose mother’s neighbors called him “bizarre.”

Jacob Angeli Chansley, 33, is accused of entering a restricted building or venue without legal authorization and of violent entry and wrongdoing on the ground of the Capitol after participating in a mob that besieged the Capitol on Wednesday.

During a riot in the Senate debate room, he put on a bull’s Horn , armed with a spear, painted his face with red, white and blue face paint.

According to the Daily Mail, Chansley has been living with his 56-year-old mother Martha since January 2019, after he was evicted from his Phoenix, Arizona apartment for being $1,247 in arrears.

The newspaper reported that Chansley, who did not have an acting career and therefore did not have a job, was found wandering among his mother’s neighbors in Glendale wearing the same costume as the one worn by the Capitol riot.

He also owns a car bumper sticker with the word “WQKE” and the tags“ #AllAboutTheChildren” and “ #TheGreatAwakening,” a reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory movement that believes there are huge cabals of underground pedophiles.

Chansley was a fixture at rallies and was seen at many pro-Trump demonstrations last year, including a photo taken in February of him holding a sign that read “Q Sent Me.”

In September, Chansley reportedly led a protest at the Arrowhead shopping center in Glendale, during which he claimed that the sign near the mall bathroom was “FBI pedophile code.”

According to the Daily Mail, his mother declined to comment on his son’s behavior.

A former high school classmate told the newspaper that his demeanor was a “crazy thing“ and that he had changed ”a lot” since leaving school 15 years ago.

A profile on the film industry website Backstage shows that Chansley has previously sought acting jobs and lists a project he volunteered for vulnerable children at theater camps in 2018.

He calls himself a “voice Master“ and claims to be ”able to play more than 30 different voices and a variety of different accents.”

A statement from the U. s. Department of Justice confirmed that Chansley was taken into custody on Saturday.

Source: Kage Ng, Independent, Daily Mail

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  1. At least, he will finally move out of his mothers house. And he will get to meet some fine gentleman that will give a whole new meaning to pedophile.


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