Hope Hicks and that approaching barrel of subpoenas

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Maggie Haberman carries more WH water this morning, as the VP at Fox somehow reaches a more “existential” decision than Steve Mnuchin to comply with a Congressional subpoena. Marcy Wheeler’s thread below dissects the Haberman piece.

Keep Hope Hicks alive!

Mueller report
Mueller report

When Trump “encouraged” his aides to “cooperate,” he was having his personal lawyer edit their statements so they’d be false.

  • And by “cooperated with the congressional investigations,” you mean, “refused to talk about what she did at the White House.
  • Somewhere in here a journalist might point out how ridiculous Trump’s posture is.

Somewhere in here a journalist might inform her readers what executive privilege actually covers.

Here the NYT’s journalist negotiates a compromise for her client based on … nothing.

See if you can identify what NYT’s journalist left out from this passage, claiming that poor Hope was just a witness to a madman.

If you answered, ‘Oh my goodness! In a bid to make Hope look totally innocent, Maggie left out the bit where Hope suggested they were going to withhold evidence,” you would have better command of the Mueller Report than the NYT’s journalist.

  • Remember, in precisely the period where Hope Hick suggested withholding that email, Alan Garten was mysteriously failing to turn over 3 emails on Trump Tower Moscow that would have made it clear Cohen was lying.
  • Here’s another thing Maggie left out: This lie about Carter Page from Hope is important bc it puts her later lie abt not ties to Russia in different light.

Another big Maggie left out: Hope being present at a meeting where the June 9 meeting was discussed ahead of time. She *didn’t recall* it.

Nah–just put up a pretty picture.

  • Perhaps the NYT could tell readers that Hicks offered proof that Trump’s recent insane tweets are false, bc he was stewing over Obama’s warning about Mike Flynn?
  • Here are two instances where Hope Hicks tried to suppress evidence of Trump’s obstruction.

Finally, here’s Hicks passing on the President’s efforts to get Flynn to stay quiet.

  • The irony here is that this is a story by a journalist about a woman who played an utterly central role in lying to the press, over and over and over, and who on multiple occasions was working harder at the cover-up than even her boss.
  • Okay. It’s not ironic at all.
  • It is a journalist doing an unbelievably favorable piece on a former source who played a central role in routinely lying to the American people.
  • Forgot to mention something: that second instance where Hope tried to clean up something Trump said? One of the journalists who (Hope appears to have known) would have been willing to do that was Maggie Haberman.

Sessions didn’t appoint Mueller. Rosenstein did.

  • One more (minor) fact check I forgot (h/t you know who you are).
  • Anyway: Here’s a dare for @maggieNYT, since she wants to write about what happens when women defy a subpoena.
  • Write a similar story about @xychelsea, who is in jail for defying a subpoena.

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