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This is just a quick jot to get this info out there because it is critical to the preservation of the Mueller investigation. Everybody has been concerned about the William Barr nomination, especially when it came to light that he had sent to the White House an unsolicited opinion wherein he averred that the President had broad firing powers, etc., etc.

But now….

“William Barr and Robert Mueller have been friends for decades; Their wives attend Bible study together; Mueller has attended Barr’s daughters’ weddings, per Lindsey Graham after his conversation with Barr.”

Holy shit. Can you imagine how Trump is going to react to this bit of news. My conspiratorial brain has been activated. What if Barr is, in fact, a ‘good guy’ (i.e. committed to the classic and traditional Dept of Justice commitment to non-partisan application of laws) and he realized that Trump’s solipsistic and craven proclivity to hire toadies offered him an easy ingress into the office.

In other words, what if this has all been a massive charade to PROTECT the Dept of Justice from Trump?


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