Hoo-boy, did this Trump tweet age badly

Trump in 2013: “Ignorance is inexcusable; it’s the surest way to fail.  No acceptable reason exists for not being well informed.”

Trump now:


Oh, and then there’s Trump’s ignorance on climate change, health care policy, epidemiology, history, science, religion, logic, geography, geopolitics, current events, the U.S. government, nutrition, consensus reality, and basic hygiene.

And you can add pretty much everything else to the list while we’re at it.

And not only does he have no grasp of basic facts, but he also doesn’t know how to do anything — with the possible exception of prying McDonald’s french fries off his humid orange carrot Jell-O salad of a face after mid-afternoon naps.

But anything related to his alleged job? Nah. Fugheddaboutit.


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Norm Reyome
Norm Reyome

President J-Rod was briefed….. Gonna fix it right after mideast peace….