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So it was Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ last day on Friday, and it was bittersweet — like bidding adieu to a fungal toenail you’ve had for two years. In a way, you miss it because it’s been there so long. But, really, in no way do you miss it. Not even a little.

I’d hoped she’d sink backwards into a hedge like Sean Spicer, but no. She’s actually proud of what she’s done.


Speaking of The Simpsons, I also kind of hoped she’d beam up to her home planet like Poochie when this day finally arrived, but that didn’t happen either. It appears Mother Earth actually spawned this heap of putrefying lies all by herself.


Sanders ultimately decided she couldn’t slip away quietly, though. She had to remind people she was leaving — as if anyone would have noticed.

And the responses to her goodbye tweet were, well, precious.

”I’ll get back to you on that. No, really.”

Farewell, Mouth of Sauron. I’m so glad we had this time together. Enjoy eating Chick-fil-A for the rest of your natural life. I’m not sure who else will serve you.


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    • Am I supposed to be impressed. You know two new words…liberal and snowflake. I’m proud to be a liberal… better than a tight a$$ neo-con. And the snowflake is that retard in the White House.

  1. 95% of Sarah Sanders comments were lies. 100% of the people in the audience knew that 95% of what she says was a lie (yes, even you Trump loyalists know that). This is something to “Hold your head up” for?? You want to wonder what she’ll tell her children when they ask “Why did you do that?” Her percentage of lies will go up to 96!


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