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The Hill Reporter is out with an article claiming that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s security clearance (along with those of five of her aides, including Cheryl Mills) has been revoked at Clinton’s request. And now, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley has pulled a major dick move, because he is, you know, a dick. Also: he doesn’t give a shit about national security, at least not if he can squeeze a vote or two out of one of his low-information constituents.

Clinton requested the revocation back in August as an apparent preemptive strike against the GOP after former CIA Director John Brennan’s own clearance was revoked by Trump for violating national interests by daring to go on TV and admit that Trump is, in reality, the dangerous, corrupt lunatic we all know him to be. The Hill reporter article speculates that Clinton wanted to disable Trump’s ability to use the imminent revocation of her clearance as a political cudgel. Not that he would ever do anything like that.

In the letter Clinton sent to Grassley requesting the revocation (PDF), she included the following paragraph:

“We request that you protect the information in this letter, as it is not public and generally not appropriate for public release. Therefore, we note that the public release of any portion of the enclosed information is not authorized by this communication and, should you wish to disclose any portions thereof, we ask that you provide the Department with a reasonable opportunity to inform the Committee of any sensitive information that should be safe-guarded.”

Reasonable, right? Polite. Professional. Deferential, even. And definitely not demanding. Just a “please don’t release this letter unless you have a REALLY good reason for doing so, but if you do be sure both the Republicans and Democrats on the Committee have a chance to look over everything first in the chance that something in the letter compromises national security.”

But that apparently wasn’t good enough for Chuck Gr-asshole-y, who–hyperpartisan asshat that he is–took it upon himself to release the letter without running it by the Committee (at least the Democratic members), and sans redaction aside from the names of four of Clinton’s aides.

Dick move.

So, now the United States loses the services of yet another highly experienced and knowledgeable person for purely partisans reasons. (That’ll doubtless come in very handy when Trump puts some kindling and a match to the Reichstag.)

Yay, us!

The next time *anyone*–looking at you, Chuck Schumer–suggests that “we need to show continued civility and understanding to our esteemed colleagues on the other side of the aisle”, or who claims that the weakness we see displayed by some of our Democratic leaders is simply hopeful bipartisanship, I believe I might vomit. The GOP is about nothing but power and money, and they will do anything they can to leverage the former to get more of the latter so they can get more of the former to get more of the latter. And so on. For that reason alone, the party needs to be destroyed. The GOP needs to be burnt to the ground, pulverized by a billion rollers, bulldozed under a mountain of dirt and rock, and that mountain needs to be salted and irradiated so the cancer buried beneath it can never regrow.

And you don’t believe that my friend, you are simply not paying attention.

P.S. – Oh, I almost forgot: f#ck you, Sen. Grassley.

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  1. Grassley is a sleazebag. There is nothing else to expect from him and his corrupt Republican Party. The whole party should be dissolved and thrown out of office. A new and more HONEST party should be put in their place.


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