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Hillary Clinton / YouTube

Hillary just tweeted a terse 18 characters which will go down in history.  She replied to Josh Marshall’s tweet with a video of the last debate.  Here’s the longer version of the video segment:

Hillary really unhinged Trump by saying Putin wants a puppet, “He’d rather have a puppet as president ….”

Tellingly Trump gets all defensive about himself being Putin’s puppet already and disrespectfully talks over her, “No puppet, no puppet, no, you’re the puppet.  No, you’re the puppet.”  

Watch Trump’s facial tell when Hillary says “YOU CONTINUE TO GET HELP FROM” Putin at 0:33, an explicit hand-in-the-cookie-jar expression.

With the retrospective view after the NY Times revealed the FBI inquiry, this video has new meaning.  Pay attention also to when Trump interrupts her and when he doesn’t.  He denies being a puppet even though not directly called one but when Hillary directly states Putin is helping him Trump has a guilty blush and just grimaces while shaking his head.

Let’s give Hillary’s tweet the love it deserves.

We were warned.

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  1. I’ve always felt that this started way back when he was desperately trying to get to PUTIN to re the trump tower in MOSCOW and lead him around like a dog on leash and then “pushed” him into the presidency
    And now “owns” him”!!!! So now with push and shove we need to offer him to trade his presidency for a pardon for himself and his kids !!!

  2. So why isn’t anyone connecting the DOTS between the Trump Shutdown and the Russia Story?? Clearly, shutting down the US Government is DELIGHTING Putin. So why doesn’t Congress start framing this Shutdown for what it is? The Wall is a RUSE – Trump’s goal is to UNDERMINE the US Government. Therefore he is winning the shutdown battle. Why is the GOP complicit? Are they the NEW USA Nazi Party? Just on a Quest for POWER – democracy, rule of law and Constitution be DAMNED???

    • So why isn’t anyone connecting the DOTS between the Trump Shutdown and the Russia Story?? Robert Mueller is but contrary to Mr. Asshole and his so-called crackpot lawyer Ghouliani, it’s not going to happen overnight. the sooner the better but REAL lawyers and officials uncover every stone to make it airtight.


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