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Hillary Clinton speaks to WaPo Podcast Listen Up and it is a gem of an interview:

She throws red meat at Trump to kickstart his tantrum.

Trump has a thin skin and nothing rails him like coming second to anyone and extra points if it is a woman he is losing to.

“Well, he’s a little obsessed with me, but I think it’s partly his own ego because he knows I got more votes and he knows that there are questions about the election that deserve answers,”

Hillary gets Trump’s strategy to the dot. He distracts people with tantrums on these 3 topics whenever he feels threatened:

“When in trouble in the Congress or the Russian investigation, his go-to targets are President Obama and me, and African Americans. It just is part of how he responds.”

The dagger to the heart is the below statement. It is true.

He was kind of an equal opportunity bigot.

I wish all democrats call him with the label ‘bigot’ to drive home the point as well as drive him and his supporters nuts …

Where Hillary Clinton drives the dagger deep in Trump’s presidency, it is her statement on giving Trump a chance:

“I did not wish him ill,” Clinton said. “I very clearly said let’s give him a chance and let’s hope he succeeds. But in the months since he’s been president, unfortunately, he’s not lived up to that promise,”

Now, we are going to be entertained with fireworks from the toddler-in-chief (apologies to all the toddlers in the world, whose behavior is infinitely better than Trump any given day!)

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