Hilarity: Michael Avenatti Calls Out Sean Hannity ‘Street Fighter To Street Fighter’ Hannity Hides


Michael Avenatti, Prince of Trolls, asked Sean Hannity a few weeks ago to invite him onto his show and Hannity refused, saying that Stormy Daniels was “old news.” That excuse doesn’t fly since Wednesday’s Rudy Giuliani bombshell. The Daniels case was never exactly old news, but assuming that it was, Ghouliani’s performance revived it in a manner that would have made his zombie buds down at the mortuary swell with pride and Avenatti is once again pursuing Hannity to lock in a date. Here’s the twitter exchange.

Then Laura Ingraham appeared, to act as Knightess in White Armor (or was it White Sati

Now bear in mind, this is the same Sean Hannity that told Keith Olbermann in 2009 that he would go on the air and be water boarded, for $1,000 a minute for charity. He’s more afraid of Michael Avenatti than he is of waterboarding? Since the game at hand is chess and Hannity’s skills don’t rise above checkers, maybe he has a point.

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Rick Bevilacqua
Rick Bevilacqua

If Stormy is old news, what the hell is Hillary and her emails?? I’d say 2016? Fox, Drumpf and the Repugnants – now there’s a good name for a sitcom – have one thing to harp on over and over, and it’s years old. And the FBI has already said that there is no ‘there’ there. Let’s revisit Benghazi, for the 5th time….that’s the ticket!!