high-profile prisoner – check, taken off suicide watch – check, cameras broke – check?


Aside from the Conspiracy Theory nonsense now being proliferated, some facts still remain, even for those who don’t watch film and television crime dramas.

As per TMZ,  Epstein’s death was likely not captured by cameras within the facility where he was being detained.  How…convenient.

One can imagine the pitch meeting for reality-TV beyond LivePD and Lockup — call it “Extreme Overtime”. Advertisers for such a project will include private-prison corporations. Heck, OJ and Blago could host “Celebrity Lockup”.

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Before or after conviction, it was going to happen anyway. Same thing for tRump.
Like Hitler, living without adulation with power & the consequences of proven crimes & a long custodial sentence, the same will happen with scum-bag ‘45.
Not even becoming a grand parent would make me happier.. my bucket list is scum-bag ‘45 going down.
Please fulfill my wish, universe.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
Now that Trumps threat (EPSTEIN),has been “conveniently” dispatched , ..Trump can now proceed to dismantling the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. And pack it with trash . That’s been Steven Miller’s aim all along . And make no mistake , this has been following “Hitler’s blueprint “,for systemic destruction and total takeover of our government , ,in plain sight . …We are living in chaotic times ,just as Germany was , before they cast their fate with Hitler. And only “some lived” to regret it ! ..We are reinventing the wheel , and we will suffer the same fate . There are… Read more »