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Texans like to talk about seceding from the Union. It’s part of the Texan mythology, which is proving to really be about stupid politicians trying to circumvent the laws, guns, racism, inadequate energy systems, false paranoia about something called Critical Race Theory, even the fact that their beloved myth of the Alamo is completely untrue.

As far as I’m concerned, I say do it. Leave. Start your own country. Make Abbot king with absolute powers. Oh, and good luck with Covid because it’s killing the people who voted these knuckleheads in.

Seriously, this latest attempt to circumvent Roe v. Wade by making it impossible to take an appeal to the Supreme Court through a legal gimmick, bends my mind into pretzel knots. And the screaming about Critical Race Theory, which is disrupting local school board meetings across the country, is limiting those boards’ ability to function.

This is all about racism and the potential to become a blue state

Critical Race Theory is an obscure academic idea that is not taught anywhere as a curriculum. Virtually no one getting hysterical about it actually can describe what it is. I single out Texas because of the real story behind all this. Texas is rapidly becoming a white minority state that could veer into becoming a blue state. If this happens, the Republicans will likely never win a presidential election because of the huge number of Electoral electors who would be chosen by a Democrat majority.

So the Texas Governor and legislature are trying to screw this growing future majority’s ability to vote, setting an example for red states all over the country. GOP strategists know this peril to their party’s long term power. They have to protect Texas from becoming a majority non-white state.

Which gets me back to that secession thing. If Texas leaves, they can go ahead with their attempt to become a totalitarian state. They can keep their women at home cooking, cleaning, and making babies. They can carry unregistered six guns and shoot it out over anything they want. They can put immigrants in their place.

This, of course, is a joke. But as I read and watch the unending stream of craziness going on down there, and in other red states, being here in New York seems so normal. We’re a different country in many ways than those southern states, a calmer one. Yes, we have crime, but crime everywhere is up.

Lumping all Texans together as troglodytes is completely unfair, but those who live in states acting like this need to to step up and hold the politicians accountable. They need to set examples that prove their beloved state is not out of control. They need to fight hard for the right to vote freely, a right that is the core of our democracy. And they need to vote, get out the vote, and help others navigate through the crazy rules set in place to stop them from voting, and get these pinheads out.

Or give up on being Americans.MartinEdic

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