“He’s really being a Liaison to different Donors, to different Corporate allies of this Admin.”

CNN / YouTube Jared Kushner speaks finally...
CNN / YouTube

As I quipped, “So Jared DID bring “some expertise” to the equation — that of “private industry” and the Trump Rolodex.”  Little did I know this presumption would be confirmed:

Jared Kushner has coordinated distribution of medical supplies with Republican donors: report

“He’s really being a liaison to different donors, to different corporate allies of this administration”

by TRAVIS GETTYS, RawStory; Salon.com — Apr 6, 2020

Reporter Robert Costa revealed that Jared Kushner has been coordinating the distribution of medical supplies with Republican donors.


“Jared Kushner is there and he’s really being a liaison to different donors, to different corporate allies of this administration, which has created confusion about the chain of command, about whether corporations should work through Jared, whether they should work through Vice President [Mike] Pence and the task force,” he added.


This outrageous “Supply-chain EBay” is by design, and not by dysfunction.

Let the Rear Admiral John Polowczyk, who is also the director of fleet ordnance and supply at the U.S. Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., now helping to lead the effort to “replenish supplies” of personal protective equipment — Let this just-drafted Jared-gopher explain — the newly-designed “Supply chain” — in his own words:


“This product that were moving is primarily commercial product, that would enter the commercial system, and be distributed through financial business transactions, between hospitals and these distributors.”

Reporter:  “That explains why states say they are bidding like they are on E-Bay. Because the supplies are going to the private sector, and then they have to go there, to get the supplies.”

“That’s normally how things work.  I’m not here to disrupt a supply chain.”

“Look, these six to seven distributors have 6 to 700 warehouses. They have trucks to go to the hospital door everyday.  Were bringing product in. They’re filling orders for hospitals, nursing homes, like normal. I’m putting volume into that system.”

“We have the data now.  So we put together this data element, over the last 13 days, get the people in, look at the problem —  build this.  I am now seeing the truth about what’s in the supply chain — there’s been some abnormal behavior.”

As the Governor of Colorado found out the hard way, what the Jared-coordinated Supply-chain wants, the Jared-liaised “Supply-chain Distributors” get — to the tune of a 500-Ventilators order poached.   Sorry Coloradans, you really didn’t need those Ventilators, did ya?


Or is it?     Conflict of Interest, thy name is Trump — and now Kushner too!


A good old-fashioned Capitalistic Stand-off … <em>Aarghhh!</em>

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It’s only our health and security that’s being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

“….Our health an safety being auctioned off to the highest bidder?” And we are supposed to respect Trump because he thinks he’s president. BS! The whole damn Trump clan should be indicted , tried and imprisoned. Our lives don’t mean crap. It’s all about them. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to happen.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Someone needs to write all this down. And they then need to draw up warrants and serve them to these clowns 🤡. I mean republicans have been some slimy characters in the past. But I don’t think anything holds a candle to this. This is just blatant treason. We are at war with this virus and trump and company is diverting war time supplies to the enemy.


Boy himmler is going to be a defendant at the upcoming mass negligent homicide trial that will be taking place at The Hague. Donny dim wit might want to try to hire some of those republiCLOWN hacks on our joke of a supreme court to defend him. Come to think of it, they may wind up as defendants themselves….