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If there’s one thing I love, it’s watching a master at work. Randy Johnson pitching a no hitter. Michael Jordan soaring through the air, tongue wagging as the flash bulbs pop. Salvador Dali grandly stroking his brush across the canvas. Van Cliburn tickling the ivories as the beauty of the music pours out of the Steinway.

And now Robert Mueller is painting the legal equivalent of the Mona Lisa, and he’s getting ready to use El Presidente Pendejo as his canvas. Donald Trump has two overwhelming weaknesses, paranoia, and his voracious ego, and Mueller is going to use both of them to hoist Trump on his own petard.

Robert Mueller is writing a report on Trump’s time in the White House, outlining whether or not Trump obstructed justice, and he’d like to ask Trump a few questions about his “intent.” Oh yeah, and he’s the “subject” of an active DOJ investigation. Only The Clueless Wonder could make lemonade out of this orchard, running around the west wing pumping his fist and high fiveing because he’s only a “subject,” and not a “target.” How can even Trump not see the two major problems here?!?

First of all, let’s look at the report. If Robert Mueller had spent the last eleven months investigating The Cheeto Prophet for possible obstruction of justice, and found no evidence of wrongdoing, well then, he wouldn’t need to ask Trump about his “intentions” at all, would he? The simple fact that Mueller wants to ask him about his “intent” means that there are at least some actions that hold possible culpability of criminal intent. The fact that Mueller needs to ask Trump why he said or did certain things indicates that there could be a problem with those things.

Now, let’s look at this “subject” vs “target” nonsense. And let’s make the example so simple that even the Fox and Friends hosts can understand it;

Cop: Well, the DA isn’t quite ready to charge you yet, but he’d like you to come in and answer a few questions for him.”

You: Kewl! It’s great to know that he doesn’t like, you know, suspect me or anything. What time does he want me there?

Even a driver who witnesses an accident loathes having to talk to the cops, afraid that they’ll ask him if he switched lanes real quick, or if he’ll take a breathalyzer test. Apparently, nobody has yet managed to get it through Trump’s thick skull, and into the tapioca residing therein, that Paul Manafort literally spent months as the “subject” of an FBI investigation before he got slapped with enough indictment counts to keep him in a non Armani designed orange jumpsuit for the rest of his miserable life. And Trump is almost literally drooling at the prospect of setting Robert Mueller straight.

Robert Mueller just publicly played Trump’s ego like a ukulele at a luau. After all, wasn’t it Trump that wrote the second best selling bible of all time, “The Art of the Steal?” Trump has been conning real estate rubes for almost 40 years now, if anybody can pull the wool over some government issue ambulance chaser, it’s him. Trump wants this investigation over with, and the fact that Mueller is preparing a “report” is music to his ears. In Trump’s deluded, fantasy world mind, there can only be one result of such a report, complete exoneration. All Trump has to do is to convince Mueller that he “din’t do nuffin’.” And lying comes as naturally to Trump as breathing.

If Trump wants to talk to Mueller, he is going to talk to Mueller, and there’s nothing his lawyers can do to stop it. They can counsel him to the stupidity of letting Mueller play a game of whack-a-mole with his story until they’re blue in the face, but if Trump decided to get into that armored Suburban and pootle on over to Mueller’s office for a fireside chat, there’s nothing they can do but resign in protest. And you can bet your ass that Mueller will keep up a steady stream of plaintive pleas in the media, that the only thing that is keeping him from completing his “report” is his session with Trump. Mueller will keep on casting that $400 fly lure into the stream until the trout that is Trump bites, and bite he will, his ego, and greed to see the investigation end will require it.

But Trump isn’t the only one that Robert Mueller just played like a Stradivarius either. He just played Rod Rosenstein and the US congress as well. When Mueller files a “report,” he files it with Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein reads the report, and then decides between  three things, a) to release it to the public, b) to release it to the appropriate congressional committees, or c) to put it in a filing cabinet. By announcing the existence of, and the impending release of the report, Mueller has just ensured that it will become public. When Mueller announces that it has been sent to Rosenstein, the congressional committees will immediately demand a copy. If Rosenstein resists, the committees will subpoena a copy, they’ll have to, or risk like looking like they’re holding a can of whitewash and a brush in their hands. And when congress gets their copy, there is no way that they can keep it secret, the public outcry for it’s release will be overpowering. They may be able to redact things like classified sources and information, or grand jury testimony, but at the very least the conclusions, and supporting documents will have to be made public.

Rex Tillerson was right, he’s a fucking moron. And Robert Mueller has just put Trump into a box with no safe exits. If Trump talks to Mueller, he’ll lie his ass off, and Mueller’s report will show the lies, along with the contradicting evidence, laying Trump open to not only obstruction of justice, but lying to the FBI as well. And if Trump refuses to meet with Mueller, then Mueller may subpoena him to appear before the grand jury. And even if he doesn’t, it will be painted that Trump may be obstructing justice by refusing to speak to Mueller, he must be guilty. Game. Set. Match.

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