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He keeps topping his own repugnance, hatred and lack of compassion. It’s as if he doesn’t know how to stop. And when speaking about “him” and suck adjectives, one needs not mention his name anymore.

In the short clip below, Trump is asked how he feels watching children run from tear gas. His answer is that of a monster.

Transcript (via ABC)


“Grabbers.” They grab children to give themselves a certain “status?” At the end of the clip, Trump adds:

Frankly, funding the Wall has never looked better.”

Wait. Was tear-gassing these innocent families all just a stunt to justify his $20 billion-something piece is shit wall?

There comes a time when liberals, Democrats and every compassionate human being in this country, realize we can put nothing past him. There is no such thing as a “conspiracy theory” when it comes to Trump, because he’s capable of anything. He’s a walking conspiracy. He doesn’t surprise anymore. He just compounds his own disgusting being.

I’ve experienced tear gas. It happened when I was reporting and protesting on the streets of DC during Trump’s inauguration. It was like a war-zone that day—dark, sinister and almost surreal. Too little of it was shown on television. The powerful and frightening sounds of smoke bombs/tear gas went off everywhere. Then the booms got closer and the crowd of protestors I was with began to flee. I suddenly knew why. The smoke and gas burned, blinded and gave me a feeling of suffocation. There was a brief sense that I’d die if I didn’t get away. Some protestors with scarves around their nose and mouth had gallons of milk they were passing around and told us to take a swig to ease the burning throats. They’d already anticipated what would happen because they’d been doing this a while, around the world—fighting for what’s right.

There was no milk or scarves for the border children and families. The fact that children and babies were experiencing the same kind fear and pain, all coming from a country “big and powerful,” is as hideous, atrocious and sad—as it is unconscionable.

As Trump sat pompously in his chair during the press conference with the American flag and emblem of democracy behind him, he spat not only on the suffering immigrants—he spat on this country.

It’s believed by some that Robert Mueller is waiting for the new House majority to be sworn in January, so his report can more safely be delivered. Trump will be exposed more than we can imagine (and we can imagine a lot). It is then the House Democrats will finally have the ability to start impeachment proceedings. He will fail and fall either way. And he will fall hard. For lack of a better expression, that day can’t come too soon.

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  1. When the Nazis were lining up and murdering Jews and other “undesirables” by rifle while they stood helpless in front of a pit, Heinrich Himmler watched it happen one time, got sick to his stomach then decided he was worried about the effect it had on his murderous gang of SS stormtroopers and death squads, they finally came up with gassing hundreds, evens thousands of people to death at a time in the guise of a shower to be more “humane” for HIS killers.


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