Oh, Herschel Walker. Sweet, allegedly abusive, truth-allergic, openly murder-fantasizing Herschel. You’re a candidate for major public office. Is it too much to ask that you know the most basic details about your top campaign surrogates? It’s not like they’re your children, FSS!

Walker’s U.S. Senate campaign was already a veritable Jeffrey Dahmer Advent calendar of semi-refrigerated horrors, so what’s one more disqualifying outrage? The guy who didn’t know how many kids he’d fathered, whether or not he graduated from college, or how Western medicine works (he may have picked that quirk up from “Dr.” Oz) is also a key proponent of the Big Lie. And as such, he appears to have no problem selecting Big, Shameless Liars to represent him.

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In fact, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which has been forced to treat Walker as a viable Senate hopeful because Republicans can’t help but pick the least lucid mound of protoplasm every single time, Walker warmly welcomes indicted Jan. 6 rioters into his campaign to unseat incumbent Democrat Rev. Sen. Raphael Warnock. Because all they really did was attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States. Pfft.

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Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker’s campaign recently listed a woman who was arrested in March on charges of participating in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol as one of his “county captains.”

The former football star’s campaign included Mandy Robinson-Hand in an August press release that named dozens of other grassroots supporters. Robinson-Hand, the chairwoman of Taylor County’s GOP, was listed as a campaign “captain” for the rural middle Georgia county.

Robinson-Hand and her husband, Charles Hand III, were arrested about 14 months after the pro-Donald Trump insurrection attempt. They are scheduled for a status conference in federal court in Washington next month.

You know, maybe we need to step up the prosecutions of these insurrectionists before our next Republican president erects a statue on the Capitol steps in honor of their heroism. Or, at the very least, installs a fun “Hang Mike Pence” carnival booth to keep the kids busy while their parents take boozy selfies with Lauren Boebert. 

Robinson-Hand isn’t Walker’s only problematic pick, though. Another captain on the list (of 159) is one Kay Godwin. Godwin was among the fake Trump electors who plotted to overturn the 2020 presidential election because they couldn’t believe a guy who publicly endorsed the healing power of bleach injections during a raging pandemic could have possibly lost to a dude who offered no miracle cure-alls. 

Of course, on the day of the Capitol insurrection, Walker questioned whether the rioters were Trump supporters at all.


Now Walker appears to think Jan. 6 doesn’t matter—because Robinson-Hand definitely was in the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Her participation was confirmed by surveillance footage, other film clips, and data from her phone. She and her husband currently face four misdemeanor charges related to the insurrection. 

Oh, and Robinson-Hand already has a police record—and it’s not because she fantasized about murdering a guy for taking too long to deliver her car. In 2009, she received a five-year sentence stemming from a drug-related charge. But since the conviction involved opiates and not crack or some other scary “street” drug, she only served four months.  

Walker’s campaign has been a master class in flailing fucknuttery, but the fact that Georgia is a traditionally red state where Republicans love to cheat might still give him an edge. 

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So let’s do everything we can to back incumbent Rev. Sen. Warnock (and while we’re at it, let’s help Stacey Abrams beat Brian Kemp and secure the Peach State’s governor’s mansion).

Unless you really want to see Herschel Walker in the Senate.


Sure, the jokes would write themselves, but at some point, we’re all bound to die laughing.

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