Here’s WHY Trump is still “kowtowing” to Whatever Putin wants … or Does

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Time to connect a few “Elephant-sized” Dots … still wandering around in the “public square” room.  Until the GOP brings Trump’s financial history with Putin into the stark light of day — they will have no peace, they will have no credibility.

They will have little to no chance, to hold onto their precarious perches on power

Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme

Luke Harding, The Guardian — April 17, 2019

Germany’s troubled Deutsche Bank faces fines, legal action and the possible prosecution of “senior management” because of its role in a $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme, a confidential internal report seen by the Guardian says.

The bank admits there is a high risk that regulators in the US and UK will take “significant disciplinary action” against it. Deutsche concedes that the scandal has hurt its “global brand” – and is likely to cause “client attrition”, loss of investor confidence and a decline in its market value.

Deutsche Bank was embroiled in a vast money-laundering operation, dubbed the Global Laundromat. Russian criminals with links to the Kremlin, the old KGB and its main successor, the FSB, used the scheme between 2010 and 2014 to move money into the western financial system. The cash involved could total $80bn, detectives believe.


Conveniently for Trump, those years coincide very well, with the years the Trump’s sons admitted:  “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” … (between 2008 and 2014).

So how much “funding” did Trump get from Deutsche Bank over the years, when Trump’s sons admitted:  “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.” …?

Donald Trump Jr. said at a New York real-estate conference in 2008See:Trump's oldest son said a decade ago that a lot of the family's assets came from Russiaby Brennan Weiss, -- Feb. 21, 2018////////////James Dodson during an interview Friday with Boston’s WBUR described meeting Donald Trump in 2014See:Eric Trump in 2014: 'We have all the funding we need out of Russia'by Paulina Firozi , -- 05/07/17
One of these cons is lying … Any guesses on <b>who</b> that could be?

The Guardian broke that “DB-Kremlin Laundromat” story.  And here is CNBC’s recap of Trump’s reliance on Deutsche Bank’s “assets” — as investigated by the New York Times:

Deutsche Bank loaned more than $2 billion to Trump over two decades: NYT

Yen Nee Lee, CNBC — Mar 19, 2019

Deutsche Bank loaned more than $2 billion to Donald Trump before he became president — despite multiple red flags surrounding his business dealings, The New York Times reported Monday.

The Times interviewed more than 20 former and current executives and board members at Deutsche Bank for the report, which outlined how Trump managed to secure financing from the German bank for nearly two decades despite his bankruptcies and being considered a risky client by other lenders.


According to the newspaper, in some instances, Trump exaggerated his wealth and promised to reward bankers with a weekend at Mar-a-Lago — his private club in Palm Beach, Florida — in order to get loans.

Over the years, Trump used loans provided by Deutsche Bank to build skyscrapers and other high-end properties, the Times reported. For the German bank, its relationship with Trump was key in building its investment-banking business, the report said.


If all this Russia-Deutsche-Trump “underwriting” was above board — WHY in the world is Donald Trump (and AG Barr) fighting like hell, to block those records from ever seeing the light of day?

Public disclosure of Trump’s financial records and tax records would let everyone know — that he is NOT beholden to Russia and their oligarchy financing, via DB’s “creative accounting.”

So he will do that right?   Just to prove to everyone he is above-board.  That he owes Putin nothing.

Right, GOP?

Wait a second, he’s got to check in with his primary “Advisor” first … then he’ll get back with us:

Ummm.  We’re still waiting.   And will be, for a very long time.

Because Donald Trump has SOMETHING in those Deutsche Bank records, that he definitely does NOT want anyone to ever see.  Let alone, comprehend their complete and full meaning.

— —

A nation built on the idea of “transparency”

really does deserve some “Answers” here …

Trump dirty laundry
Everything is perfect.  Nothing to see here. Move along now, Chumps.  … Now Vote for me, if you want more of the same.
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John R. Frain
John R. Frain

Trump always has and always will be a conman and a crook.He borrows money and then when the shit hits the fan he declares bankruptcy.He’s been stiffing workers and contractors in New York for decades.He also hires illegals at his properties so he can pay them peanuts,if anything at all.
It’s his M.O.

John Sheehan
John Sheehan

When you owe sugar-daddy Putin 600 million…

chris whitley
chris whitley

Not many people around that have said no to Putin.