Here’s WHY the rich keep getting richer.


This is utter bullshit. The recent “Admissionsgate” college entry scandal was bad enough. Rich shitpokes were spending millions of dollars to rig their kids into the “side door” of prestigious universities that they may otherwise not have qualified for. But at least in that case, the rich shitpokes were spending money, and oodles of it. Serves them right.

But this is worse, much worse. ProPublica is reporting that in Illinois alone, where they’re based, at least dozens of affluent families, if not many more, are gaming the tuition assistance program for lower income and distressed students. Here’s the scam, but fair warning, hold your nose before reading, because this stinks.

Here’s the scoop. Affluent parents of high school students, well capable of shouldering the cost of a college education, are voluntarily surrendering guardianship of their children to other family members or friends. By doing so, they make the child financially independent of their parents, qualifying them for financial tuition assistance that they would not otherwise normally qualify for due to family income. These scumbags are going to court and legally divesting themselves of their children’s protection and well being, usually in their junior or senior years, to qualify for the programs. Parents that ProPublica caught at this scam included lawyers, doctors, and an assistant school superintendent, among others.

You go that? Affluent parents are actually signing away their kids just to cop a walk on having to pay to put them through college. And as with all things involving the rich, if they get something, somebody else more deserving takes it in the shorts. ProPublica found that last year in Illinois, 82,000 students who qualified for the program were turned away because they ran out of money. Did rich shitpokes and their spoiled brats cause all 82,00 to miss out? Obviously not, but one is bad enough. And while their report deals with Illinois, since this is a national program, ProPublica is planning on hitting other states to do the same research.

I want these names published publicly, now! For most families, giving up guardianship of their children is a heart wrenching and disastrous decision, one brought on only by the most pressing need of the child, and haunts them for the rest of their lives. And here, these douche nozzles are doing it for no better reason than to save a buck.

But here’s what could be the unintended consequence to all of this, and not for the deserving kids who got turned away. Let’s just say you’re one of those fortunate kids, and have been raised with every opportunity a child could ask for. And then, when you’re 17 years old, raging hormones intact, your parents tell you that they’re legally cutting you loose so that the federal and state governments can pay for your college. Jesus, talk about an ego boost for a teenager! I wonder if these parents are going to use the money they saved on college tuition for emotional counseling for the kid? Nah, fuck it. Sign ’em up for welfare and let the government pay for it.

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If corruption exists and it’s clear that it has, then people with the means to use that corruption to their advantage will use it. In order to seek out this kind of stuff, there had to be some sort of word of mouth knowledge that it existed in the first place, and for a price could be utilized, so from that, you would have to conclude that the universities and colledges new about it, it just stands to reason. This sort of corruption is the worst, as those who do the right thing and follow the correct procedures are disadvantaged… Read more »