Here’s the damning ad Donald Trump is desperately trying to get pulled off of television

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As city morgues begin to reach capacity in places like New York City and Atlanta because of COVID-19, Donald Trump’s campaign team sent cease and desist letters demanding the removal of this ad, which is a compilation of Donald Trump’s own incompetent words taken directly from his briefings and public appearances. In a cease and desist letter to individual television stations nationwide, the Trump-Pence campaign whines the ad is “deceptive” and networks should take it down to “avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.”

The president is threatening to sue television stations for airing an ad that is little more than a clip of the president’s own words. Patrick McHugh of Priorities USA responded on Twitter, saying, “Trump’s Super PAC & now Trump’s campaign are resorting to desperate threats to keep Americans from hearing the truth about his failed COVID response that’s put us all at risk. The ads are still running & @prioritiesUSA will continue ensuring voters hear the truth.”

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, a longtime Republican operative who worked on John McCain’s 2008 campaign, said there was no cause to take the ad down. “I’ve worked on 3 presidential campaigns and have a decent sense of where the line is – there is no case for taking this down – it’s literally Trump’s own words – in fact, you could cut a NEW one after each WH briefing with Trump’s disinformation and defiance of science.”

What’s the ad Trump is so worried about airing on your local channels? You’ve probably seen it before, and you can see it again below. And if you think this one is setting him off, wait until you see the one Joe Biden just released—also included below.

And if Donald Trump has his fee-fees hurt over that one, just wait’ll he sees this one:

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He can’t handle the truth. It needs to keep running.


Keep running these ads it shows you exactly what kind of person he is. He’s a self centered ego maniac. He has no idea how to run a business (look at all the Bankruptcy’s he filed) let alone a country. Lies, lies, lies and more lies. He wants to “Make America Great Again” well there was nothing wrong with it until he took office. We are all Republican’s and Democratic’s in a world of hurts if he is elected President next election.


‘Stable Genius’ ?… a genius he’s clearly not, but i know jackass belongs in a stable.