What do you know. It’s not that Russia was rooting for Donald Trump himself so much as it was rooting for instability and incompetence taking over the United States, and Trump looked like the best vehicle for that. Now that Russia has helped him into office, its media is not portraying Trump as the golden god he sees himself as:

… at the moment, Putin seems to be reveling in the sense of crisis gripping U.S. politics.

“Are Trump’s policies dividing America more than ever?” asked an RT headline last month.

At the same time, Russian coverage of Trump himself took a more critical turn almost immediately after his inauguration. “Trump Draws Noticeably Smaller Inauguration Crowd Than Predecessor,” Sputnik headlined on January 21.

Other stories in various Russian outlets have spotlighted Trump’s dismal poll numbers, criticized his immigration crackdown, and even made fun of his handshake. Russian television has replayed biting Saturday Night Live sketches spoofing the new president.

Please let Trump not hear about this until he shows up in Russia for a state visit, turns on the television, and sees a Saturday Night Live replay.

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