Herd Mentality Replaces Magic As Newest Trump Solution To COVID-19


Let’s start out with a poll. Which do you think is Donald Trump’s worst trait?

  1. The ridiculous malapropisms he keeps coming up with;
  2. His pathological denial of anything he can’t deal with;
  3. His abject stupidity;
  4. All of the above.

Trump’s ABC News Town Hall was expected to be bonkers, but this short clip with George Stephanopoulos pretty much takes the cake.

We’re assuming that Trump means “herd immunity” and not herd mentality. Although maybe he does mean herd mentality, because remember, folks, in his mind, this is all a PR problem and not a global pandemic. So he very well could believe that if we all just get our heads right and ignore the dead bodies stacking up around us, herd mentality could save the day.

In the event he’s talking about herd immunity, only 7% to 9% of the U.S. population are estimated to have been infected with COVID-19, and herd immunity requires 50% to 70% of the nation to contract the disease. Therefore, it could be with us forever.

Trump is back to touting inane formulas for COVID-19 recovery, because he knows that there’s no vaccine in immediate sight. The only — and best — change in the handling of coronavirus that can be made is to vote him out and get the pandemic into competent hands.


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Chris Whitley

I don’t get it. All they did is ask important questions related his job as president. They just wanted sane competent answers. What is it. He brags everyday that he’s a stable genius. And as for this better health plan. Where’s it at. Let’s see it so we can see for ourselves what a great plan it is.