Head of Flight Attendants Union BLASTS Buttigieg’s healthcare claim as “offensive and dangerous”

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Stating that Buttigieg’s idea of “Medicare For All Who Wants It” was “offensive and dangerous”, Sara Nelson points out that “Not every union member has a union healthcare plan that protects them.”

Flight attendants union head blasts Buttigieg for saying union members ‘fought hard’ for private insurance plans


Association of Flight Attendants President Sara Nelson criticized former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg Wednesday for a tweet defending private health insurance, that appeared to characterize the employer-provided health benefits as gains won by union workers.

Buttigieg defended his proposed “Medicare for All Who Want It” plan, saying 14 million union members have “fought hard for strong employer-provided health benefits” in a tweet Wednesday morning.

Nelson, who played a key role in ending the federal government shutdown last year, called the invocation of labor rights “offensive and dangerous.”

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3 Comments on "Head of Flight Attendants Union BLASTS Buttigieg’s healthcare claim as “offensive and dangerous”"

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Well I just read how Rush Limbaugh just was running on at his foaming mouth about mayor Pete kissing his husband on debate stage besides mantrump whatever he is. Well it’s only my humble opinion that it will be better than watching the inevitable spectacle of the rest of the so called men on the stage lining up to kiss a orange male child on the ass as I am sure will happen. I have never liked Limburger and now he’s going to follow the man child around like a puppy dog. Utterly disgusting.


I’m sorry but mayor Pete doesnt appear to support universal health care nor social security, his policy statements on his site conflict with what he is actually saying. I cannot vote for this person. Only two candidates seem to back up what they say, they are Warren and Sanders, the slander machines are busy working against these two.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

It is about time that the reality of for-profit health care and health insurance makes it into the MSM news cycles, and long overdue for the issue to appear on the debate stage.