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Donald Trump’s puerile Franken tweet was one tweet too many.  It threatens to unleash the Kraken of last years cascade of accusers who spoke out — not right after the Pussy Tape, but after Trump, at the second debate, denied he did any of the things he bragged about doing.

That more than the tape itself brought these women out to make detailed accusations.

And today, Sarah Sanders repeated the denial, insanely arguing the difference between Clinton, Franken and Trump is they admitted it and he denied it.  Maybe this will motivate the 15 or more victims, or even others, to come forward again

To his great credit, tonight Chris Hayes showed a montage of Trump victims, repeatedly telling of the same Trump modus grabberandi

I would like to see a study of the minutes of coverage devoted to these women in the weeks before the election compared with the minutes devoted to emails, foundation, Podesta, Wikileaks, etc.

In the meantime, the door has been pushed wide open to finally nail Trump with the stigma of sexual predator and to pile that upon the betrayal of his country through collusion.

Let the Hayes Montage be the beginning of the end.

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