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Of course you saw this coming. After all, we do have a Republican administration, which – by definition – means war in the oil soaked Middle East, eventually. Silly that we once relied upon Trump’s one semi-redeeming value; his stated isolationist stance on wars in areas that certainly do not threaten American lives.

With all the death and destruction from the week before last (remember Gilroy?), the White House made a critical move that largely went under the radar. Huffington post picked it up a week late, surely leaked by a few brave but terrified folks on the inside.

President Trump’s administration sanctioned Iranian Foreign Minister Jovad Sharif last week – a highly unusual move that essential blacklists the country’s top diplomat when the U.S. and Iran have come exceedingly close to open military conflict. As a means of furthering U.S. interests, experts deem the move nonsensical.

No shit?

Great idea, we may well be close to shooting at a nation, so why bother speaking to the one person their government designated to talk to our government? Nonsense, indeed. Well, unless your goal is to ensure those shots get fired. It appears some harbor that goal.

God help us. The administration surely won’t.

One cannot help but think that one of the Trump whisperers in the White House has won out over the non-blood-thirsty folks, often referred to as “doves,” or pheasants, or ducks, any bird that does not dive at your head as a meal plan.

The ultimate goal became apparent the moment the U.S. pulled out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, the agreement that everyone outside the current administration agreed was working. Experts with unprecedented access to Iran’s facilities found nothing. The results satisfied every other nation on the U.N. Security Council.

To be fair, no other nation on the Security Council has to deal with bloodthirsty Republicans rising every eight years.

It is rare to sanction a foreign minister. We have not done it to Syria or North Korea. Both countries represent a far greater threat to actual American lives, but neither sits atop the world’s second largest oil reserves. Let’s face it, Iran’s biggest sin is its unwillingness to simply give us the oil. Being Islamic doesn’t help, either.


Even more worrisome. The “hardliners” in the administration include Sec. of State Pompeo, and National Security Advisor John Bolton. In other words, the two most powerful voices regarding foreign policy. I doubt that Ben Carson’s, or the Surgeon General’s carry much weight. I have no idea what their position might be on the matter, in part because it couldn’t matter in the least.

Not scared enough? I can help more. If Trump feels vulnerable going into 2020, and there is nothing we want more, he is far more likely to believe that a war will boost his chances. History sure teaches such, something Pompeo and Bolton have obviously pointed out already.

We have a Republican administration. We can count on the sun continuing to rise in the east, and war initiating in the Middle East – never the Far East, they have little oil. Lives will be lost over oil, and gross amounts of public treasury money spent. More than last time.

Iran actually has a real military, and a larger, better educated population than Iraq. That fact seems to matter less than even my personal opinion. After all, oil doesn’t care who has what military, neither do the hawks in the administration. They want their war.

It is their due, they got more electoral votes. As always, they want more oil, which they believe is also their due.


Peace, y’all. Futile as it may seem.





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  1. Trump , at Putin’s orders ?, Are pushing the US for war of any kind . It’s an extension of BUSH /Cheney policy , of lying and dying , to go to war for the benefit of military industrial complex.
    … No secret about that . The only secret , this time is ,it’s at Putin’s direction.
    …Now I know it seems hard to believe ,but look at the facts . Trump reneged on all previous presidents agreement’s . We’ve pushed by sanctions , Iran to began to restart their nuke program.
    …We’ve never sanctioned Israel for having a giant nuclear program .
    …We’ve moved our embassy to Jerusalem against all other countries in the UN’s ..agreement. ..We’ve made enemy’s of all our old friends, and given (aid and comfort) to our old enemies..Of course that’s the definition of Treason in our constitution. And ..,Trump has done that and more . So China is making good on their pledge to not allow Trump to bully them .
    .,,We are either in a trade war or going to be soon . At the same time , …Trump is trying to bully the federal reserve to lower interest rates . ..Which is sure to cause very big problems if ,the economies turns down . It’s crazy , but the Republicans ,all scared to death , because ,…they’ve created a monster that’s ripped them to shreds and they don’t know what to do .
    They are lower then chicken shit , they are (pee pee ) shit !!!
    ..,,They are the new
    their monster ( Trump) , has gotten loose .
    ..They nursed him to their bosoms,( like the viper )he is ,
    now -.-. they die .
    It’s not “ so long” , it’s goodby ,..
    … not soon enough .

  2. Blaming this on oil is so yesterday. As of this past December the U.S. is a net exporter of oil due to the energy policies of this administration.

    The friction with Iran is due to the continued belligerence of the Iranian mullahs and their quest for nuclear weapons. That didn’t change with the laughable agreement that was rightly abandoned. It wasn’t working and was in fact a get out of jail (sanctions) free card that included a billion and a half dollars on pallets sent back to the Iranians that is being used to oppress their people.

    Everything done to this point(sanctions) has been meant to strangle their economy and put pressure on the bad actors over there to give up their nuclear ambitions. I’m cool with that because the Iranians number one chant is “Death To America”.

    • …That money was theirs to begin with .
      We took it in 1979, so let’s get the truth about that .
      .,,They had it on deposit in American banks , and we broke our promises about money in our banks . ,It was theirs .
      ..The agreement was made by many in the UN and Europe, and America. We are now known as dishonest brokers because ,(Trump ) unilaterally tried to kill the agreement.
      …And if it’s so bad , why does the EU STILL RECOGNIZE IT .
      The agreement gave the US AND THE UN , leverage to negotiate with , we are now left with nothing to bargain with . Luckily the UN still keep’s the agreements.
      …The desire for nuclear weapons ,is because their neighbors have many nukes ,and pose a threat to them . We turn a blind eye to them , while trying to stop Iran from getting them. ..,They will, sooner or later ,especially now that ..Trump has broken the agreement with Russia.
      The reason North Korea developed them was because we placed nukes in South Korea
      , in 1958 . It’s history .

    • ..It was their money, we stole from them in 1979, when they kicked the the Shaw out , a brutal illegal leader , who murdered thousands of Iranians, put into place by the CIA in 1954 . And kept in place for years by the CIA .
      …They had money in our banks and we took it .
      …We had to give it back sooner or later , we were supposed to pay interest but never did . It’s history. Look it up .


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