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Hawaiian State Representative Beth Fukumoto has had an interesting career path; eight years ago she was elected as a Republican to the State Legislature in heavily  Democratic leaning Hawaii. Fukumoto felt that joining the minority party might better help her affect the change she thought was needed in State Politics. She rose through the ranks quickly and became the nation’s youngest minority party floor leader. Her willingness and ability to work with Democrats as well as Republicans led to her being awarded the James Madison Fellowship by the Millennial Action Project for her demonstrated success in transcending partisan lines in 2013.

Things began to change for her with the rise of Donald Trump, however, as the party she had already begun to feel did not take racism and sexism seriously enough, that had indeed tut tutted at times her concerns about both, began to alienate her and it’s embrace of the nation’s most high profile racist and misogynist was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

After her speech against Trump at the January 21st Women’s March in Honolulu… 


The GOP in Hawaii stripped her of her leadership role and Fukumoto sought a new home in the Democratic Party.

On June 19th the Democrats in her State welcomed her into the fold, an action which I suspect led to the posting of this hate-mail.

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And Trumpbots have since assaulted her twitter feed, accusing her of writing the letter herself to smear der leeder, of lying and slandering their beloved GOP.

Beth started in the wrong Party, but for the right reasons, and has since found her way home.

If you can, jump to her twitter feed and give her some love.

She could probably use it about now,

HuffPo link if you want to read more.

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