Will anybody join me in a rain dance for a good cause? California needs the rain desperately and it’s the only sure fire way to keep Donald Trump from coming here. Trump announced Thursday that he’s planning to come to California this weekend and people here are either groaning or laughing. The latest fires are the third set to have occurred since Trump took office. He hasn’t visited before and we don’t need him now. He’s been here once since taking office to look at prototypes for his effing wall. The only reason he wants to come here is because the Camp Fire is the deadliest in the state’s history and he and Wildfire Barbie want to come and mouth platitudes and do a photo op in windbreakers and baseball caps. We don’t need bad theater here, we’ve got enough real drama, thank you.

Seriously, what’s he going to do, same as he did in North Carolina, say “Hi, everybody, how’s your house?” California has had “to fight not only killer fires but also combustible rhetoric from the Oval Office,” as the Washington Post put it, from this jerk who threatens to withdraw federal aid and admonishes our officials to “Get Smart!”

We don’t need him to tell us that the “fires are some of the hottest he has seen, from the standpoint of fire.” Please. If there is anybody with class in the entire administration, don’t add insult to injury. Keep the Tangerine Trainwreck away from the already traumatized. Or, if he must come, let him stay in Fresno with Devin Nunes.

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  1. Californians need to take a lead from Emmanuel Macron and the French media. Let tRump know that he is not welcome in this country and that he should retreat to Mar-A-Lago immediately.

  2. Maybe Melania can wear that special coat & help them sift through ruins to find the tiny particles remaining as they search for the missing. The impostor president needs to quit going to disasters for photo ops, pretending to care. He doesn’t care. We all know that. He needs to stay home instead of taking authorities away from the important work they are doing as they try to find answers for grieving families.


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