The FBI continues to seek the public’s assistance in identifying individuals who participated in unlawful conduct during the Capitol Insurrection.


When I first started writing about arrested insurrectionists it was fun and easy. It seemed that every day there was a new and outrageous story about another moron without a clue of how the laws in this country work…

After awhile the news reports started to bore me… It’s hard to make a story about a rioter being charged with misdemeanors for plodding around inside the Capitol sound interesting. Writing the diaries started becoming tedious. Throwing up a diary so we could all laugh at the stupid shit I was reading in the news slowly morphed into a grind. I was spending more and more time sifting through the news trying to find something, anything, exciting… It began to feel like a job. That’s why there are something like 20 or so unfinished 1/6 diaries in my drafts folder, some of which I put a lot of work into. 

So, I decided to return to my regular routine from before January 6… reading the news like a junkie. Instead of frantically searching, I could just take it all in and write when I felt like it.

The 1/6 stories are all the same boring shit. Nobody wants to hear about a bail hearing or a plea deal for a misdemeanor moron. Well, I don’t anyway. Even the crazy courtroom outbursts of some of the defendants are boring to me. I figured the FBI with a little help from the Sedition Hunters would ensure a slow but steady trickle of new arrests and indictments for these the worst as yet unidentified Capitol Insurrection suspects.

Well, I’m sick of waiting and have decided to do something about it. I plan to post a new diary every few days about unidentified Capitol Riot suspects wanted by federal law enforcement for assaults on the police officers who valiantly defended our democracy that day. 

Today’s subject has been labeled AFO #94 by the FBI and #pinstripeboilersuit by the Sedition Hunters.

AFO stands for ASSAULT on FEDERAL OFFICERS. In the video below this suspect can be seen striking Capitol Police Officers with a club of some sort…

In the photo below suspect AFO #94 can be seen throwing a pylon at the same officers which occurs at the 14 second mark of the video…


These photographs and video clips have been widely available since the first quarter of this year. As of this writing, it would appear no one has come forward with information identifying suspect AFO #94. Neither the FBI nor the Sedition Hunters have reported knowing who or where he is. Federal charges are pending for this suspect’s actions on January 6th. 

Somewhere somebody knows who this perp is. Perhaps his family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances simply haven’t seen these images. I highly doubt he’s still running around in the Jack Skellington costume, but there’s a chance he’s still sporting that stupid MAGA hat. We need to give this domestic terrorist his 15 minutes of infamy. We need to do the same with all of these jackasses, but for now lets concentrate on this dipshit.

If you can identify this individual you should take absolutely no action on your own. This suspect is likely to resort to violence in order to evade identification and capture. What you should do is contact local law enforcement or call the FBI tipline at the bottom of this diary. If you cannot identify this individual yourself, it would be a great service to the nation if you could share his incriminating photographs as widely as possible.

Somebody knows who this fuckstick is, and I’m sick of waiting around to see him face justice.

I’d like to end this diary by saying I’d prefer it if we could refrain from bashing the FBI, the Department of Justice, or the Attorney General in the comment section. This has been “the most complex investigation ever” and that’s not going to change anytime soon. If you think you can do a better job, the FBI is always looking for qualified applicants.

If you have information about individuals who participated in unlawful actions at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-‪800-225-5324) or leave a tip online. You may also submit relevant photos and videos to the FBI here.

If you just can’t get enough information about the terrorists who tried to flush our democracy down the shitter, here are some excellent resources…

Department of Justice Capitol Breach Cases

FBI US Capitol Violence Most Wanted

Insider Searchable Table

George Washington University Spreadsheet Updated Daily

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