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It’s an interesting fact of Washington life that the Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, is married to a man who makes no bones about describing her boss as a narcissist and a fool.

That’s George Conway’s take. Now here’s his wife, asked by a reporter why Trump compares his economic policies to the unstoppable zombie apocalypse on Game of Thrones. :40

Maybe the Conways just agree to disagree. Who knows? And it doesn’t matter, but it is interesting, that they both take a passionate stance, one pro Trump, one anti. My guess is that Kellyanne knows she’s acting a part, and she’s getting paid very handsomely for it. I think when this is all over, she may well be the first to fold and do a great tell-all book. And look for Ivanka to make mega bucks after Daddy croaks and she spills the beans.

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  1. It has to be an act, how else could George occupy the same house with that witch? Of course, Trump is so stupid that even a F-list actress like Kellyann can fool him. Just keep telling him how wonderful he – and his gut – is. This will go down in history as the time the inmates (republicans) were running the asylum (America). God help us.


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