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I wrote an article earlier today that opined that suing Trump as often as possible was a great and effective strategy. Not only because so much of what Trump tries to do turns out to be unconstitutional, but also because these lawsuits distract him. It isn’t hard to distract Trump, since he normally has more balls in the air than a circus juggler, just keep shining a light on a different one.

By far and away the biggest distraction in the fledgling Trump administration has been first James Comey’s, and currently Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation into his campaign. But guess what? His possible collusion with Russia has nothing to do with his obsession. It all comes down to his ego. Personally, I think the only reason “Russia” is a factor is that they got there first. I have no doubt that Trump would have dealt with Kim Jong Un or Recep Erdogan if they had Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails. Hell, he probably would have horse traded with MS-13 if they could give him shit saying Hillary really was operating a child sex ring out of a pizza joint in Virginia. That would have just been business as usual, Trump style, or as Donnie redux put it, “oppo research.” But what The Inglorios Basters’s voracious ego cannot tolerate is the implication that he won solely because somebody else pushed him across the finish line. That slander is intolerable, Trump is a totally self made winner. Russia only adds additional risk because of the possibility of a connection exposing his possible culpability of using his companies to money launder filthy Russian oligarch rubles. But his frenzied “No collusion! No collusion!” screeching is purely ego driven.

It’s not like the Trump cabal have exactly bathed themselves in glory with this cover-up. When even a neo Nazi, third rate political hustler like Steve Bannon knows that you should hold a “secret” meeting with Russians at Bobs Kozy Korner Motel and Adult Bookstore in Kittycuddle, NJ rather than your own corporate fucking headquarters, you pretty much know all you need to know about the skill level of the deception His Lowness is putting out here. Besides, “collusion” itself is not a crime, and finding documentary evidence of a quid pro quo is difficult. “If it’s what you say it is, then I love it, especially later in the summer” can be just as easily explained away as wishful thinking as a concrete offer of reciprocity. After all, exactly what is Donnie Jr offering in return? Flynn comes closer in offering a repeal of sanctions, but it’s a rock strewn road.

What Trump has not spent a single  breath denying is obstruction of justice, and for my money, that’s where the real action is. Normally, obstruction of justice is very difficult to prove, because the issue at its core is felonious intent. How do you prove what someone else is thinking? Fortunately we don’t have to, because Trump himself keeps telling us in national news interviews and endless tweets exactly what he’s thinking. Now, normally he could claim that his tweets were misrepresented, and that he misspoke to Lester Holt, but then you have corroborating physical evidence like Jim Comey’s contemporaneous notes on his exchanges with Trump, and they’re at least partially backed up by notes from Reince Priebus, the cheese starts to bind. And who knows what little golden nuggets Sean Spicer turned over to Mueller with his own copious notes? Apparently, Trump doesn’t mind convicting himself out of his own mouth of obstruction of justice, just as long as nobody thinks Putin put him in office. After all, “No puppet. No puppet here. You’re the puppet,” tight?

Look, the Robert Mueller investigation is like the ornate box in “Hellraiser.” It reveals nothing of its contents, but when it does open, Pinhead rushes out. Almost all of the leaks concerning the Mueller investigation have come from “sources familiar with the investigation,: not “sources inside the investigation,” along with other avenues that the reporters have uncovered, possibly people speaking off the record about their conversations with Mueller’s investigators. If the New York Times reporting on Priebus’ notes confirming Comey’s account are coming from within the investigation, they’re coming out because Bob Mueller wants them to come out. You want proof? Here it is. Be honest, when was the last time you heard George Papadopoulos’ name mentioned prior to his guilty plea being unsealed, almost certainly with Robert Mueller’s blessing. The prosecution rests.

So, it appears that we are entering a new, and possibly much more dangerous phase in the investigation into Donald J Trump. And I say “we” simply to mean us as individuals. Because it is apparent that Robert Mueller has been working on this, very quietly, for a long period. And if it’s being reported now, it’s because Bob Mueller wants it reported, for his own strategic reasons. And as I’ve said before, if it comes down to a contest between Robert Mueller and Donald Trump, not even Irish bookmakers would offer odds on the match. Don’t touch that dial.

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