Happy Presidents Day, Monday Good News Roundup

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Once again, its Monday, and another Good News Roundup that happens to fall upon a Holiday. This time a strangely appropriate holiday as its presidents day, where we celebrate our Presidents past and present, and allow me to give a big shout out to someone who needs no introduction… Hillary Clinton, the woman who SHOULD be President, but instead the Electoral college thought it might be funny to stick a senile racist Grandpa in the White House for a couple of years.

Anyways, with that out of the way, let’s get on with the news

REM Copyright claim gets Trump Tweet axed.

Apparently even Donald Trump is not immune to copyright takedowns. On Friday, the president tweeted a mocking video playing R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” over Democrats’ reaction to the State of the Union—originally created by some dude using the pseudonym “Carpe Donktum” and best known for winning an Infowars meme contest. By early Saturday ET, CNBC reported, the video was taken down after R.E.M. publisher Universal Music Publishing Group, as well as bassist Mike Mills, complained.

For those who missed it, over the weekend Trump tweeted a video montage of Democrats crying at his arrival (Which, to be fair, is a common response to remembering that Donald Trump is our acting president) set to REM’s “Everybody Hurts”. Undoubtedly an attempt to spin his utter defeat in the shutdown fight and his desperate and poorly thought out power grab by declaring a national emergency as some kind of a win. The problem was that he did not have REM’s permission to use the video, and they took it down with a copyright claim.

That’s right, Donald Trump just lost a fight to the band that made “Shiny Happy People.” And sang about Andy Kaufman. And he expects to defeat Nancy Pelosi.

Mike Pence Tried to bring greetings from Trump to World Leaders, gets deafening silence.

Vice President Mike Pence was met with several beats of awkward silence on Friday when he mentioned President Donald Trump during a speech at the Munich Security Conference, which featured a host of world leaders and European allies.

Pence paused for applause after praising Trump for his purported efforts to “strengthen America’s military might and to strengthen the leadership of the free world.”

“I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump,” Pence said. The audience didn’t make a sound.

In other news, Vice President and possible reincarnation of Torquemada met with the Munich Security conference and brought greetings from Donald Trump. Which is totally a normal thing to say and doesn’t make you come off as the mouth of Sauron. Maybe they were just silent because no one on the conference could understand Pence, as none of them speak the black tongue of Mordor.

Pelosi and House Democrats on Reassurance tour in Europe.

With the government shutdown behind them, Congressional delegations, led by Nancy Pelosi headed to Munich, Germany where they began what the Washington Post called a “Reassurance Tour” for America’s allies worried about Donald Trump. From The Washington Post:

Thankfully, while Pence didn’t go over, the actual adults in the room are picking up the slack. As House Leader and heir to the Iron throne Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats also went to Munich in order to reassure our European allies that after two years of letting the inmates run the asylum, there’s finally someone with some actual sense back in power. That would also explain why Pence got silence since Nancy Pelosi is a tough act to follow. Get used to it Pence.

Democrats promise full assault on Donald Trumps ‘Power Grab’

President Donald Trump’s attempt to circumvent Congress to fund his border wall has set off an intense scramble by Democratic leaders to reject the move — with efforts to halt his emergency declaration set to come before Congress and the courts.

The Democratic-controlled House plans to pursue that two-track approach immediately. Plans for legislative action are already underway: By early Friday afternoon, more than 50 House Democrats had asked to put their names on a measure to formally condemn the move, according to an aide familiar with the planning.

Ah yes, the emergency declaration. A move so utterly pathetic and without consequence, I’ve barely thought about it all weekend. For the two of you who may not know, President Manbaby Donald Trump declared a national emergency after signing the congressional budget bill and averting another horrible beating at the hands of Pelosi.  He then promptly undermined the urgency of his emergency by saying “He didn’t have to do this” and then doing what he usually does when he’s not pooping his pants or watching fox news, zipping down to Florida for a round of golf.

So naturally, this shouldn’t have a chance in the courts, because it’s ridiculous. I know a lot of people are freaking out over Trump doing this, I am not one of them because this is not the act of someone who is winning, this is an act of desperation from a man who has lost control of the narrative and is doing everything he can to keep an insane promise he can’t possibly deliver on ever (Or alternatively raid a bunch of disaster relief funds to line his own pockets and then throw up a mile of plasterboard on the border and call it a wall because, lest we forget, DONALD TRUMP IS A CROOK AND A CON ARTIST). Anyways, I expect this mess to be resolved in the courts in our favor or, if not, look forward to 2021, when our next Democrat president declares a national emergency to deal with climate change, and then gun control, and then voting rights, and then…

Final news story of the day and you know me I like to keep it light, soooo

Obamas featured in Black Panther fanart going viral

One of the biggest hits of 2018 came from the Marvel Universe in the form of Black Panther which starred, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and more. The movie became a rage among the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among them were the former US President, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama. When the movie came out last year, the Former First Lady was all praises for the cast and crew on making such a film and penned a note for them

Now, a new fan art related to Black Panther has emerged online which shows the former President of the US, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in a never before seen avatar. In the fan art, we can see Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in a Black Panther avatar. Black Panther star Lupita NYong’o took to Twitter to share this amazing fan art based on the former President of the USA and his First Lady. She wrote, “The real King and Queen x #WakandaForever. #BlackPanther #FanArtFriday by @Chuck_Styles”.

Nothing really to add here. Really anything I say would just cheapen the experience. A beautiful piece of art honoring two real-life superheroes. (And I look forward to a few years when someone does a piece of art depicting Trump as the Red Skull).

Have a great Presidents day!!

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Michael owens
Michael owens

There must be some way 350 mil Americans can get this idiot out of the WH… ffs use his methods blackmail the prick!. Scam him. Bribe him to step down… hes a coward, so frighten him!!!