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Today is Donald Trump’s birthday.  As a special gift to the Atrocity-condoner in Chief, Chrissy Tiegen sent out this tweet.

This message comes on the heels of the first reporting of conditions inside a child detention centre, by and MSNBC reporter, where 1500 boys, ages 10-17 have been torn away from their parents.

Trump will likely be celebrating today with the song, “Happy Birthday”.  No doubt there will be some kind of party in his honor and he will surrounded by family and “friends” and extravagances that most people cannot even imagine.

For immigrants and immigrant children who wanted to celebrate with the song that boasts of “the home of the free”, there will be no such party.

We need to take a stand against the inhumane actions of the Trump Administration.


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  1. Love to see Trump and his brats put in one of those detention centers. That’s where they belong. Everything they have done and said, goes against what this great country was built on. So why the hell should we allow this rich trash, destroy it. Wake up people!


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