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The GOP primary in Alabama has degenerated to political comic book level, with Fox News’ Sean Hannity declaring, “The battle of the Alabama senate race has now become a referendum on the establishment and Mitch McConnell’s inability to get anything done. Looking forward to having Steve on my show on Monday at 9 pm.”

Steve Bannon and Duck Dynasty “star” Phil Robertson are stumping for twice disciplined former judge Roy Moore, who is running against GOP favorite Luther Strange in a contest which has gone from being a rubber stamp process of putting another Republican in Session’s vacant seat and has become yet another Trump administration cause celebre du jour. Politico:

Those close to Bannon say he is not traveling to Alabama to speak out against Trump, but rather to highlight his endorsement of Moore and his opposition to McConnell, who has directed millions of campaign dollars toward Strange’s campaign. Bannon has spent weeks trying to corral conservative support for Moore, who rose to national fame after defying a federal order to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from a state judicial building.

The race has bitterly divided the Republican Party, with establishment figures like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell leading the charge for Strange and conservatives like Bannon, Hannity, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lining up behind Moore.

Roy Moore is just one more lunatic fringe inmate seeking to take over the GOP asylum. Right now he’s the front runner. Apparently the lesson to be learned is the more extreme and unhinged the candidate, the more successful s/he will be in today’s Republican party. As Democrats and Americans this is what we’re up against and this is what we have to beat.

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