What!? Hannity Furious About “Secret Sperm” in Obama Official Portrait

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Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday came completely unglued over what he claimed was a “secret sperm” hidden within former President Barack Obama’s official portrait.

Writing on Twitter, Hannity referred to the “widening Obama scandal” (low bar for a scandal now) regarding Obama’s portrait, which was unveiled on Monday, was loaded with “inappropriate sexual innuendo” that showed “a stark contrast to predecessors.” According to Rawstory.

I find all this a little strange since I thought the picture was just a little “fashion forward” with respect to breaking from tradition. Though, and perhaps this is Hannity’s real issue, Obama had broken with tradition in many ways already.

Except that wasn’t it.

As evidence for this claim, Hannity posted a link to an article on his own website titled, “PORTRAIT PERVERSION: Obama Portrait Features ‘SECRET SPERM.’”


Hey, look, there have always been a million reasons for Sean Hannity to be jealous of President Obama. The fact that Sean can’t look at president Obama without being reminded of sex is surely, surely, due to the fact that Sean simply sees President Obama as someone who likely has had sex in his life, in contrast to Hannity.

Easiest explanation, and one that allows us to move on without having to search for secret …never mind.

Actually, we know what this is about and it is more disgusting that Sean attempting to find a damn thing in Obama’s painting. This is about two things, one – continuing ongoing hatred of President Obama for any reason, true or not, because that is ALL THE ALT-RIGHT DOES is hate liberals, they have nothing to promote. They nominate a sexual assaulting, porn-star paying, serial husband, but are always hating the black family man.

It is about buying time for Trump, doing something to get as much of the public talking about the Obama “scandal” (which is widening) and not the fact that our “president” is a Russian-agent.

That’s all, no need to go “look” for anything.


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