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You know, Vladimir Putin has a moniker for people like Donald Trump, he calls them “useful idiots.”But if this shit keeps up, he’s going to have to drop the “useful” part, and call him a just plain idiot, like the rest of us do.

I was looking forward to today, I really was. Today was supposed to be Trump Summit II, a meeting at the White House with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell to discuss the legislative agenda for the rest of the year, and also the continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown. I was looking forward to this because of the way that Pelosi and Schumer went full XXX video on him in Trump Summit I, conning him into accepting a clean 3 month CR, instead of the 18 month extension Ryan and McConnell wanted to get them through the midterm election. Who knows what he would have given away this time?

But alas, it apparently was notmeant to be. This morning Pelosi and Schumer abruptly pulled out of the meeting in righteous indignation, said indignation caused by what else, another brain dead tweet by El Presidente Pendejo;

Right now Trump and the GOP are so totally boned. They’re boned because they can’t pass a purely partisan CR through the GOP controlled congress. In the House, the GOP deficit hawks won’t pass anything that increases the deficit without corresponding spending cuts to make it “revenue neutral.” And moderate Republicans will not pass anything that cust benefits that their constituents enjoy and in some cases rely on. Hell, they couldn’t have passed the September CR if it hadn’t been for overwhelming Democratic support. And in the Senate, all the Dem ocrats have to do is to filibuster anything that doesn’t meet their approval. 

Trump actually got off lucky with the September CR, basically because Pelosi and Schumer played him like a game of Parcheesi, keeping their hole card until December, when they’d have him over a bigger barrel. If he wasn’t such a moron, Trump may have been able to skate by with a CR that mandated that congress pass the DREAM Act into law within six months, and maybe codifying the Individual Mandate from the ACA into law, screwing up their tax bill since it would now sail past the deficit increase cap that allowed them to bypass a filibuster in the Senate. Now, Pelosi and Schumer can go into full blown stealing-candy-from-a-baby mode on Trump. As long as they don’t demand his resignation, they can do a black-leather-and-whips number on the GOP. The GOP would own a pre Christmas shutdown, a nightmare scenario next November for a bunch that can barely rename post offices right now.

The funny thing is, this is a fight that doesn’t even have to be joined. This issue could have been taken off of the table long ago, simply by passing a one sentence law that provided for the necessary invrease in the deficit for the purpose of funding the government in perpetuity. It has been proposed before, but the Republicans have always been loath to give up their favorite legislative hostage. And now, they’re the ones with the gun pointed at their heads.Smooth move Ex-Lax.

You live by the sword, and you die by the sword they say. And right now, the Republicans are poised to fall on a nice long, rusty blade. One that they’re holding in their own dirty little mitts thanks to Trump. Don’t touch that dial.

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