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Here we go again. The right is all up in arms that Nancy Pelosi has had her hair done. Oh, the evil conspiracy of it all!! We should have her drawn and quartered, and burned at the stake!  Nevermind that Trump’s base screeches about masks infringing on their ‘civil liberties’, while Trump himself refuses to wear a mask most of the time.

According to a GOP representative, Andy Biggs, wants the leaders in Congress to put forward the  Motion To Vacate The Chair.  Oh, we are so going to bounce her out of her position!!

Well, one problem that they face that this congressman forgets to mention. The GOP currently is in the minority. That means that this is just a little show for a little man trying to dig up support in his home district by showing he’s tough on crime.

Oh yes, Nancy potentially committed a crime. She had her hair washed and wasn’t wearing a mask. Now, although I am a man, I have had my hair washed at a salon. I do believe that wearing a mask during this could be akin to waterboarding. For the uninformed, waterboarding means you take the person and put cloth covering over their mouth and nose and then pour water on them. It is a very effective interrogation method. Although in this instance it might only be done by accident.

Now the owner of this spa had security cameras installed previously. Probably to catch thieves since some hair care bottles of whatever can be expensive. Now on said security cameras they caught Nancy without her mask although the stylist had one on. Now to her credit, Nancy was told that they were seeing clients on a one on one basis. In a press conference, she said she was, “misled by the salon after she was allegedly told by staff that they were “allowed to accommodate one person at a time.”  She then continued to say, “I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to, over the years, many times … as it turns out, that was the setup.  So, I take responsibility for falling for a setup. And that’s all I’m going to say on that.”

Now in hindsight, Nancy now knows she should have investigated this a little more carefully. In her words, she feels she was setup. And I believe her. Now let’s look at the facts. She was told they could do this. The stylist evidently had a key to get in unless they leave the door unlocked which would be a good idea to have a security camera so you could see who’s stopping by for supplies. And, oh yes, the owner of the salon has two small children and is devastated and says she will need to move to a different location now because of the backlash from the video, which by the way was obtained by Fox News.

An amazing thing happened after that! The salon owner’s friend set up a GoFundMe page and last I saw had raised over one hundred thousand of a three hundred thousand dollar goal.

Just where are these kinds of friends when I need help? All I get is slap in the face for saying anything.

But that’s enough about that. The GOP clearly wants Nancy out of government. They will lie, steal, and I am not too sure about the third one if you know what I mean.

Oh hell, I guess I just participated in a conspiracy theory.

Well, the problem with Nancy is that she’s tough and she has Trump’s number. Oh, Trump probably has a dartboard that has her picture on it. Of course, that’s assuming he can hit a dartboard with a dart. My personal opinion is that he couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a fully loaded gun standing inside. More midwestern farm humor.

Opinion: Rep Andy Biggs: Nancy Pelosi needs to be removed from her post as Speaker of the House.

Lotsa luck there, buddy.


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  1. These same assclowns threaten a governor for intruding on their civil liberties when she says “wear a mask asshat” and they attack Nancy Pelosi for this? Sounds about white.


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