At least the man is consistent. Attorney General William Barr rode into office on the lie about the contents of Robert Mueller’s Russia report, and slithers off on a lie about Barr departing before Christmas to spend more time with his family.

This was by no means unexpected. For the last week or so, Barr has been making moo-moo noises about leaving the administration before the end of the year. Which caused speculation, since there was so little time left in the Trump term, what was Barr afraid that Trump would ask for or demand in the last few weeks that he couldn’t accede to? Was it possible that Barr worried about being drawn into the fray in announcing his legal opinion that it was in fact legal for Trump to pardon himself?

It’s not like Barr was still on bestest bud terms with Trump anyway. In the last couple of weeks, Barr crossed two very big red lines for Trump. The first was when, in Trump’s most strident period of contesting the legality of the election, came out publicly and backed the CISA and FBI on stating that he saw no signs of any widespread voter fraud anywhere. That was bad enough, but then came the Brutus stab in the back. Well after the election, the DOJ came out and announced an investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes was underway, and had been for some time. This was the October Surprise against Biden that Trump had been hoping and praying for. The 2020 version of Comey’s kamikazi October announcement against Hillary. To know it was there, and he wasn’t told about it had to cut deep.

What happens next is the big question, And the Washington Post’s Robert Costa is saying that his sources are telling him to watch what happens next, not what happened today. Word is floating around that Trump may try to pull a DoD in his last days, pack jobs with flunkies, and then try to do things like officially close DOJ investigations into Trump, his kids, and cronies, and possible even attempt to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the 2020 election, hamstringing at least the first two years of Biden’s presidency the way his was. All of which may well have been things that Barr would not have stood for.

So, the tragic and at times farcical era of William Barr is over, and not a moment too soon. But this is not the time to take an extended nap, with the official electoral college tally today, Trump is now officially a cornered animal, and there’s nothing more dangerous than that.

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  1. Barr is looking out for only one person. Maybe he will have to throw donnie under the bus to protect protect himself. It appears he did some pretty unethical things as AG


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