so, another day, another day…. woke up, checked my facebook to see if i was banned again. nope, all good, logged in and started frittering away the moments that make up my dull day.
now, i was one of the first peeps on facebook to post about the trump and russia connection… BUT at that point back in 2015, nobody knew about the collusion stuff, or the treason.
so… what was the connection betwixt the orange stool and mother russia?
trademarks. seriously.
trunty the clown owns trademarks on hundreds if not thousands of items he couldn’t sell in russia due to trade embargos. you used to be able to look all this up on Google, but i assume by now all this stuff’s been scrubbed from the web….. anyways, he has to PAY to protect his trademarks, and he can’t make any money off them if he can’t sell them.
no brainer, right? that’s where the backdoor into that asshole’s  infatuation with vladdy probably began.
anyways, i posted the URL to the google search i did for “trump + trademarks+ russia” on facebook.
i got a 30 day ban instantly for posting this… one of the first of many, as time would show.
as soon as the 30 days were up, and i logged in again, BOOM! 30 MORE DAYS, FOR THE SAME POSTING.
i was, obviously, like…. wow…. zuck really loves that nazi stooge.
so over the course of the next 4 years or so, almost anything i posted resulted in a 30 day ban on facebook. didn’t matter if it was original content i had posted, or reposting memes, or posting news stories…. many of which were found on facebook in the first place!
thousands of posts were flagged. when i began posting against using wormers and other discredited “cures” for covid, they started banning me for that.
this went on and on to the point it was a ludicrous cliche to my friends, who couldn’t understand why, on a platform that appears to be fine with trumpers posting about “killing ni**ers and jews” etc, i was being targeted. if i posted about my band… BOOM. SPAM. A WEEK.
if i shared a post about covid or vaccines, boom. more time. it was endless.
finally, come may 15, while surfing thru facebook, i responded to a friend’s posting that was set to “friends only” about treason…. i stated that the constitutional penalty for high treason was being hung.
BOOM. ban hammer. PERMANENT ban. i “promoted violence against other human beings” and if i wqanted any chance at an appeal, i was informed i had to do it right then, as after 30 days, the ban would become permanent.
so i appealed, obviously…. and was told due to covid, they had “less people available” to follow up on my request.
when i tried logging in again i was informed i was permanently banned pending an appeal which i was told again i had to file. when i tried, i discovered that i was disallowed to post an appeal, and was also disallowed the option to “download my facebook information”.
so i logged out, knowing i’d never regain my account. i waited the 30 days.
i logged back in to be informed my account had been deleted along with all content because it had been over 30 days, and i had not appealed their decision.
over speaking the truth about trump and his nazi regime. over memes, over 400 of which are still actively circulating on facebook to this day that i’ve seen since being forced to create an alter ego.
so… what do we get from this?
donald trump can incite rioting, can call for people to be hurt or killed, can do literally anything he wants, and will be considered for re-instatement in 2 years to his account.
me? i never hurt anyone, tho i didn’t mince any words, mind you…. i DID tell the MAGAts how wrong they were, i DID post factual articles, i DID stand against racism and hatred… i posted factually about covid 19. i promoted good hygiene, masks, vaxxing…
yet i am too immoral for the facebook platform. 12 + years of content destroyed and lost, and myriad contacts globally lost as well…. not to mention all the friends whom are now dead and irreplaceably lost.
what do we learn from this?

not much. but it proves that zuck is a fascist asshole, and them rich swine stick together to protect their interests, and we need to tear them all down.
keep fighting, friends. keep resisting. keep speaking truth. keep stomping down hatred.

we may fall, we may be slaughtered, but we will ultimately prevail if we don’t give up.
all my love to all who fight for freedom and equity for all.
pinkjimiphoton, murdered by zuck on may 15, 2021

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