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  1. These dumbasses were taken in by Don the con, this fool,& probably Qanon the con too & they’ll fall for the next one and the next one. You can’t fix stupid.

  2. I knew it was a scam. What’s that old saying? if it looks too good to be true??? Forget the fact that the stupid F’ing wall is a waste and useless, AND if somehow Don the con gets any money for it, does anyone really think it won’t just end up in a secret bank account somewhere for him to piss away like everything else?


  4. Donors have given Brian Kolfage, the wounded veteran behind the viral GoFundMe “Trump Wall” campaign, permission to transfer at least $7 million to his new plan to privately fund and build a southern border wall, according to Kolfage and another source familiar with the effort. President Trump has asked Congress for more than $5 billion to build the same project, but Kolfage says he can do it for half the cost.

    The SUCKERS, are still being sucked!!!

    • Brian really thinks that he can just walk right into these peoples properties and build a lousy wall. Obviously he doesn’t understand too much. Long process and just buying the properties will eat up all of his money. He might have a little left for a couple feet of chain link. I read his bio and it is not good. He has had several gofundme and claimed to be helping other veterans but the hospitals that he said he was working with said they didn’t have any record of him helping anyone there. Scams they were. I seriously doubt any wall will be built with this money

      • He is a scammer, it is NOT his money and his goal was to NEVER build any wall, it was to fleece a bunch of idiots out of their money.


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