HAHA! Trump Cancels Visit To Denmark, Miffed Because They Won’t Sell Him Greenland


Again, one can only wonder what The Onion does to stay in business, because it’s headlines are now routinely on the front page of the New York Times. Parody has apparently committed seppuku, probably the same day that Irony put her head in the oven. Donald Trump actually tweeted this into the world Tuesday night.

Take that, Denmark. Little Donny Dumb Dumb won’t come over to play, unless you promise to sell him your sandbox. He’s running the hood, after all, and calls all the shots. And since you’re not a nuclear power run by a dictator, he’s not going to play nice, or say how great a leader you are — why should he?

I’m starting to wonder if Vladimir wants Greenland. Trump spoke with Putin on the phone on August 2, when Trump offered Putin assistance with wildfires — California, the most populous state in the nation could go screw when it was on fire, but Trump got right on the phone to help out Russia. He didn’t say a word about raking forests, either.

Consider this: maybe Greenland is a bauble that Putin wants Trump to procure for him, so that he doesn’t have to release all the kompromat he has on Trump — especially at a time when the economy is tanking? Just wildly speculating here. What else can one do when confronted with a perfectly idiotic statement like this one, except try to extrapolate what it could possibly mean?

Or, maybe it’s this simple: Trump saw something on Fox News he didn’t like and he needs to lash out at somebody and so he’s decided to do a Justin Trudeau-esque maneuver, and disparage a country that has only meant us well in the past. Or, maybe he just now heard that Denmark’s foreign affairs minister said recently, “If he is truly contemplating this, this is final proof that he has gone mad.” Or, maybe Rex Tillerson is right, and Trump is simply a “fucking moron” so why bother trying to figure him out? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Hang On, Let him buy Greenland, well he couldn’t buy China !!