HA! Trump, Who Is Terrible With Names, Tries To Gaslight Everybody He Meant To Call Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’


Apparently the laughter from last week, when Trump made an ass out of himself once again by calling Tim Cook, “Tim Apple” has been festering with Trump, because now he’s addressing the issue once more, letting us all know that he “meant” to call Cook, Apple, for the sake of expediency in communication — or something.

We’ve all been down the rabbit hole with Trump & Associates, most recently with Rudy “truth is not truth” Guiliani. And Kellyanne contributes to the bastardization of language and common sense on a daily basis. Our national discourse has never taken such a beating. It’s more of a black hole in space, than a rabbit hole, that we’ve fallen through, and nary the day goes by that Trump doesn’t commit yet another epic gaffe. We are so numb and desensitized by now, we might as well be in cryogenic freeze.

Now this supercut of Trump screwing up with name after name is all that you need to see on this topic. This is the last word on Trump and names and this is comical.

Ken, instead of Chuck Canterbury, and the man was sitting right there. John Bolton got rechristened Mike. John Hinckley (who shot at Reagan) was mis-remembered as David Hinckley. As far as Benjamin Netanyahu was concerned — what a mess. Just listen to that garble. Then there’s the country of “Ghanistan” and the city of “Pleasure” California. He not only doesn’t know who the players in government or in the world culture are, it’s obvious he hasn’t read a newspaper or listened to a newscast.

And the beat goes on.


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So our President can now be referred to as “Donald Asshole”. Just saving words…