Lawrence O’Donnell and many other people have pointed out that Trump’s non-reaction to Jamal Khashoggi’s murder can be understood as a simple binary choice, i.e. either a) he doesn’t care or b) he approves. Actually, Trump’s real attitude is probably a combination of the two: He doesn’t care what happens and he approves of anything — just so long as he gets paid. Money not only makes Trump’s world go round, it is the moon and the stars as well.

Since news of Khashoggi’s murder broke, Trump has been quick to admonish, not Mohammad Bin Salman, but everybody else, for getting upset when there’s money at stake. And hilariously, his depiction of just how much money we’re talking about keeps growing exponentially.

Trump’s got a “natural instinct for science” he tells us, and evidently one for math as well. And he should have quit while he was ahead. Even at 600,000 jobs, the cold, hard figures are depressing.

If you’re wondering about the GDP, trouble yourself no more. The way Trump sees it, apparently, arms production for the Saudis is going to be our new way of life.

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