HA! Chris Wallace Says In Response To Trump Attack, ‘One Of Us Has Daddy Issues, and It’s Not Me’


Donald Trump just tweeted at Chris Wallace today. Maybe he’s hoping that Wallace will go the way of Shepard Smith.

Raw Story:

It isn’t the first Time Trump has gone after the younger Wallace. In a 2015 debate where Trump attacked former Fox News host Megyn Kelly for “blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump also attacked Chris Wallace for not being as great as his father.

“The great Mike Wallace was a friend of mine,” Trump said. “He was a tough cookie and he was great. And the son is only a tiny action of Mike, believe me.” If Trump’s comment ever stung him, Wallace is over it. “One of us has daddy issues, and it isn’t me,” he says.

Trump does have Daddy issues. Right now, all he can talk about is how terrible Joe Biden and his son are. Trump claims to know all kinds of celebrities, because he’s such a hot shot himself. Does he not know that the well-adjusted sons of famous and successful fathers, the Michael Douglases and Rob Reiners of the world, are not comparing themselves to Dad, they’re being their own men? And because their fathers raised them to have confidence and forge their own path, they’re able to realize their own potential and not spend their lives enthralled to their fathers’ image and feeling inadequate — like Donald Trump? Trump’s neuroses and lack of self-awareness are getting so pronounced that even those of us who took a couple of psych classes in college can see his issues as clear as day. Pity he can’t.

And just for the record, there’s no indication Mike Wallace was ever friends with Trump. He interviewed him once on “60 Minutes.” Mike Wallace interviewed thousands of people on that show, including an old landlord of mine who went to prison for Medicare fraud. Seriously. His name was Paul Zander. I guarantee you, Zander didn’t consider Mike Wallace a friend, au contraire. Wallace and his film crew showed up on the sidewalk outside Zander’s medical prosethetics shop in Westwood, while Zander, who was out on a huge bail bond, while awaiting adjudication of his case, stared out the shop window in disbelief. Things were bad enough when his two buddies from Iran, who managed to flee the country before the feds descended, left him holding the bag, I believe under the doctrine of joint and several liability, but don’t quote me. And then Mike Wallace showed up. It was not a good time. Walllace put people on the hot seat. Trump is actually lucky that Wallace deigned to waste a ten minute interview on him, he usually fried much bigger and more interesting fish. CBS News:

“There are a lot of things to do,” Mr. Trump said. “You know, a fertile imagination and a fertile mind, Mike, it’s really amazing what can be thought of.”

“Politics?” Wallace interjected.

“No, not politics,” Mr. Trump said.

“You said you could do a better job at negotiating an arms control agreement with the Soviets than some of these professionals who have trying to do it for years,” Wallace said.

“I didn’t say me, Mike, I said somebody has to do it,” Mr. Trump said. “If it were me, that would be fine, I could do it. Somebody has to help this country and if they don’t, the country and the world are in big trouble because within a short period of time, as sure as we’re sitting here, there’s not going to be a country and there’s not going to be a world.”

This would have been a perfect sentence if he had only said, “Somebody has to help this country GET RID OF ME and if they don’t, the country and the world are in big trouble.” Now, THAT would have been prescient and profound.



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Just because you had an interview once with Mike Wallace does not mean that it makes you good friends, remember ghouliani’s buddies so many pictures at your different properties , your lucky he didn’t go all out Mike Wallace on you

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes trump has daddy issues. He’s in deep sh@t and daddy’s not around to bail him out. Self made man my ass. I wish my daddy would have given me 400 million dollars. I wouldn’t have blown it like trump did. What trumps afraid of is that we see his financials it will show foreign interests are propping him up. Lying sack of crap.