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I clicked on the RNC convention and got to see Kimberly something – you know, Donald Trump Jrs girlfriend. She has some stupid title which I don’t know and could care less about what it is.  If I were Don Jr. I would be rethinking this relationship. Girls got a set of lungs on her. She could stand in a stadium and not need a microphone. .

Anyway, she was going on about President Trump is the law-and-order candidate. I thought about this for a minute and I came to the conclusion that she is right. I do think that Mr. Trump holds the record for people from his Administration that have either been either arrested or questioned and even put in jail.

It never fails to amaze me how many people in the world are dumb enough to fall for the idiotic schemes that someone like Mr. Trump can dream up. Early on in his presidency Barack Obama made a statement that was heard around the world. The thing that made his presidency different from Donald Trump’s presidency was that nobody went to jail on Barack’s watch. Oh, that used to irritate the big orange oaf.

And lest we forget. The other reason that Donald Trump makes a good law-and-order candidate. He personally holds the record for law enforcement officers that want to have long, cozy talks with him. Let’s see, they want his taxes. They want his business records as they believe he’s been lying about his business dealings to get loans and not pay taxes. Oh, Donald is quite the sly one. Right now he’s getting desperate because he knows that if he loses this election he will be under indictment so fast his head will spin.

Oh yes, I did mention his son, Don Jr.  It seems that Don Jr., Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Eric Prince, and some other campaign flunky have indictments sitting somewhere in our upstanding Attorney Generals office. I originally caught this on Glenn Kirschner’s YouTube channel. It has been put up on a couple of other sites since then. This had to do with Mr. Muellers’ investigations. Now coincidentally this was unearthed by the Republicans Senate investigations. They had brought these fine young men in for questioning. And the silly senators went about questioning these boys separately. And guess what nobody’s stories matched. God, I hate it when that happens. All those good lies wasted!

Now Mr. Barr confuses me. His title is Attorney General. Now when I learned about government, that was a law enforcement job dedicated to holding up the laws in the constitution. Now in Mr. Barr’s world it seems that he’s assumed the position of Mr. Trump’s personal attorney.  Now anybody that knows anything about the Trumps. They would know about the Trump family fixer, Mr. Roy Cohn. Mr. Cohn was very adept at making the laws favor the Trumps. But he was Fred Trump Seniors lawyer and is long dead. But Bill Barr has put in for the job. He has been busy squashing charges and subpoenas left and right. Why he even got rid of the people that were after Don Jr. and the boys. No federal attorneys, no federal indictments.

And I almost forgot young Eric Trump. It seems that one of the bodies of Congress wishes to have a talk with young Eric since it’s been revealed that daddy has a habit of fudging the worth of various properties. I would assume it’s the House of Representatives because the Senate wouldn’t want some damn fool son of the president talking about how daddy has been stretching the law for years. Eric had originally agreed until I would imagine that daddy slapped the crap out of him and told his lawyers to fix it. And oh yes, Eric’s wife is some kind of campaign official. Both her and Don Jr.’s girlfriend were being paid through some sort of scam that Brad Parscale came up with. I wonder who’s paying them now that Brad got demoted. A yacht, three homes, a Lamborghini, or Maserati I don’t remember which since I couldn’t buy a hub cap on one. And a brand new Range Rover. Now its always confused me why someone would want a rough riding, low gas mileage four-wheel drive to drive to the grocery store. But hey, that’s just me.

Yep, the law-and-order candidate. Yep, their motto is exactly that, And there’s not a law they haven’t broken.  I say that because I just have seen an update on the coronavirus. The number of deaths I just saw was 177,000. Now, before Mr. Trump gets all bent out of shape, that’s a number I saw earlier today.  When I say all crimes I do believe that Mr. Trump should answer for that! Through his incompetence and narcissism, we have reached a horrible milestone. And I do not make light of that.

My only wish would be to be there when they take all these “law-and-order” criminals down.

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  1. If Trump is such a law and order president, there is a arrest warrant for him in Iran. Show us all and turn yourself and your bone spurs in. Don’t worry, I’m sure that Putin has no bounty on you.

    • Well I wouldn’t say that. Trump owes Putin a lot money. And the thing is. If you get Putin made at you, your life expectancies suddenly gets measured in days. Just ask the guy who was trying to take his job. Last I heard he wasn’t awake yet, but they did ascertain that he suddenly came down with a severe case of poison. Luckily it’s a new one they were using I believe and they got the dose wrong.


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