Guess who Makes FAR More than Hunter — and who is far Less Qualified for the Job

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Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Overpaid unqualified people, really shouldn’t throw stones …

Hannity goes on to say this about Vice President Biden’s son,

“He was paid millions and millions of dollars, zero experience in gas, zero experience in energy, zero experience in Ukraine. He’s 0 for 3.” 

Someone needs to ask the Fox Regurgitator to the no-info Voters

How much experience he has in “Journalism”?

How much experience he has with “Facts”?

How much experience he has using an “inside voice”?

On those important metrics Sean Hannity has 3 strikes against him — and should be out of there!

— —

But no, the Trump-TVee networks — soon to be extensions of Putin Inc —  all coddle Sean Hannity like the unqualified, whining brat that he really is — and they collectively pay him FAR MORE than he’s worth, in any egalitarian universe pay scale:

$3 Million Dollars a Month

— that’s astounding figure, kind of makes Hunter Biden’s 50K per month with Burisma, look like small potatoes, now doesn’t it?

What 50K per month looks like, compared to …

All the while Mr Motor Mouth — who spouts Putin’s Talking Points like the best of them — is making 60 X more than what the VP son made, leveraging his resume in the “Free Market” of ideas.

Hannity Mountain.  A measly $36 Million dollar a year  — WHO can live off of that, right?

You know what they say Mr Hannity …

“Dirtbags who live in glass mansions — should be careful about casting stones.”

Future Home of all Trump Co-conspirators.

One of them just might bounce back in hit you in your flabby Donald-butt-kissing cheeks.

You don’t want people to know about your “pillow time” chats with dear-leader, now do you?

— —

The fact-challenged listeners of Hannity’s propaganda “Entertainment Show”, should constantly be reminded in the crawl — how the 60X overpaid hypocrite, once described himself:

Fox News host Sean Hannity responded on Wednesday to accusations that he has gone too easy on Donald Trump and other Republican presidential contenders with a revealing degree of candor.

“If I’m interviewing Hillary Clinton, it’s gonna be a hundred times harder than any Republican, because I believe the Republicans represent, and have, a far better vision, one that I agree with,” Hannity said on his radio program, “The Sean Hannity Show.” “I just have less disagreement with ‘em.”

I’m not a journalist, I’m a talk show host,” he went on.

— — Apr 14, 2016

Good to know Sean, — that when you’re bashing the Speaker Pelosi as a “train wreck” and saying she was “seething with rage” — that you’re just a $36 Million dollar a year “overpaid hostess” — who insults Dems for money.

Someone plying his wares — to the highest bidder — for whatever the market will bear.

With absolutely no guiding principle except:  “be a hundred times harder [on Democrats] than any Republican.”

FOR MONEY — LOT’S OF IT …  No Facts — not a problem, because we don’t do Journalism

— Were a Talk Show.  Period.   Right, Mr President?

A fact-less talk show where the hack of a MC — MAKES 60 TIMES MORE THAN HUNTER.

(Pass it on — to anyone you know in GOP-bubble universe.)

— —

Shouldn’t that be:   “… I’m a talk host jackass” … ?   
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6 Comments on "Guess who Makes FAR More than Hunter — and who is far Less Qualified for the Job"

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He’s a loud mouth two bit hack. His pompous attitude blows, the bigliest drama queen I’ve ever seen. When I need a good chuckle I tune in to one of the faux noooz evening propaganda sitcoms but only for a few minutes before it makes me want to throw something at my television. Ingram, don’t get me started with that one. Real beeeaaacha

Sick of the Com
Sick of the Com
Yeah, that is crazy they kept stressing how much Hunter was paid per month. This guy was AG of delaware, graduated from any ivy league law school and worked and started successful law firms and lobbying firms. Bush jr appointed him to Amtrak board as opposed to the Trumps who only were ever employed by blood relatives. The clowns on Fox would laugh if someone came to them with only $50,000 a month. Their audience is poor and ignorant and think it matters at most jobs , esp. boards if you have any experience in that field. You are just… Read more »
chris whitley
chris whitley
Yeah that’s what they conveniently don’t mention. Although he doesn’t have gas company credentials his background almost overqualified him to sit on Burisma board. And I have worked in management and have seen many boards that were very diverse. You take 100 companies on Wall Street and you will probably find at least 50 have no experience in that particular field. What they do have is extremely successful companies that they own. And I agree. WTF is trump and his moronic offspring saying anything about Hunter. Hunter has done more work than all three adult rugrats combined. They just need… Read more »

I would love to see him”interview Hilary or Nancy. They both would chew him up and spit him out. It is interesting how many intelligent, knowledgeable, competent, strong women have testified, it will blow donnie’s feeble mind that they are going to be taking him and his evil apostles down. Also, don’t you just hate their smug smirks?

chris whitley
chris whitley

He only talks about people that would outshine him. He’s not that dumb.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah Hannity was like the janitor or something and accidentally got involved in talk shows.