The Satanic Snapping Turtle from Kentucky — AKA Mitch McConnell — popped his head of his shell to complain that Kentucky didn’t need all that money from the COVID-19 Relief Bill passed by Democrats and signed by Biden.  It appears that Kentucky was doing just fine with the no federal assistance to state and local governments/just $600 bucks checks McConnell sent to Kentucky late last year.

LEXINGTON, Ky. — U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell downplayed a new infusion of federal relief for his home state’s government, questioning the need Monday as the economy looks to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a stop in Lexington, McConnell touted federal pandemic aid passed by Congress last year with bipartisan support — when the GOP held the Senate and White House. The Kentucky senator was dismissive of the latest round of federal relief championed by Democratic President Joe Biden that passed recently over united opposition from congressional Republicans. State government in Kentucky is expected to eventually receive more than $2.4 billion from the newest federal package.

“What we did last year was a big bonus for Kentucky on top of what it needed,” McConnell said. “This is an even bigger bonus. I’m sure they’ll love to have it. But I don’t see that they needed it.”

You know that it really helps to spend a lot of time at those posh fundraisers and hang with his fellow millionaires.  It means you never have to bother to go out and see the rest of Kentucky and realize how desperately Kentucky needs every federal penny sent its way.  Because guess what?  Even our shitty Republican controlled legislature grabbed up that money and knew where to spend it.

The Republican-led Kentucky legislature allocated more than $1 billion of the new federal money on several big-ticket items before ending this year’s session last week. Those items included school construction, water and sewer projects, broadband expansion and repayment of a federal loan that kept the state’s unemployment insurance program afloat.

Beshear has praised it as a good start to create thousands of jobs and better position Kentucky for the post-pandemic economy. The spending decisions reflected several shared priorities between Beshear and Republican statehouse lawmakers, who feuded with the governor as they repeatedly watered down his executive authority.

So even Beshear and the shitheads in the legislature could agree, “Yeah, we need the money!”  It’s not like Kentucky education is in dismal shape.  Or that Kentucky has the highest child abuse cases in the U.S. because our Child Protective Services is a travesty.  Or that we have lots of crumbling infrastructure.  Or lots of coal ash ponds and mountain tops sheared off from years of coal mining that have fouled the environment.

It helps that you also got reelected in another landslide just last year that you can take the attitude of “Fuck the actual needs of my home state.  The rednecks there just need culture wars!”  And to top it off, Moscow Mitch implied that Kentucky politicians are just hogs at the federal trough:

McConnell didn’t weigh in Monday on how the state is using the latest federal assistance.

“Those are decisions made here at the state level,” he said. “Once we send the money down, I’m not going to second-guess how they spent it. I’m sure they’re glad to have it, by the way. And I’m sure they’re looking forward to having more.”…

McConnell on Monday ridiculed the Democratic-backed COVID-19 relief package for escalating the federal budget deficit, saying: “Enough is enough. We’re threatening the future of our country.”

Gotta love the lies and hypocrisy.

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